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Portland Creative We’re a little different than the rest!

We are a local family of Real Estate Professionals in Portland

We are a local family of Creative Real Estate Professionals in Portland, mother, 3 daughters and son in law- dad is our webguy! We are a little bit different from most real estate companies, partly because we are a family, we have been doing super full service 1.5% listings since 2004, and because we wrote the original Portland Neighborhood Guide, which is an in-depth guide to each neighborhood of Portland, plus all the suburbs from the Coast Range to the Cascades. It is full of our insights into the different neighborhoods and suburbs, plus 

it is chock full of information about each one, including photo tour of what makes the neighborhood unique, parks, trails, festivals, history, with lots of photos and links! It helps the reader understand how Portland is put together, and how to decide which area they want to live in! We  have also been giving buyers Portland Neighborhood Tours since 2006, so they can get acquainted with the different areas that interest them, and thus be able to choose the best neighborhood to fit in with their unique personality and needs.  Below you will find some brief descriptions of what we do. If you want to learn more, please go to that page!  The Portland Neighborhood Guide is huge, maybe 200 pages, divided into sections.  Find the area of Portland you are most interested in looking at, and explore the pages that cover that area!

What makes us Different!

Portland Neighborhood Guide

Image and Link to Our Portland Neighborhood Guide page.Portland has lots to offer, and different parts of the Portland Metro area are extremely diverse and varied! We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide to help people get to know Portland better and understand how Portland is laid out! The guide covers all the little Neighborhoods of the Inner City, on both sides of the river. Each neighborhood has it’s own unique personality and lifestyle. It is detailed, with lots of information, links, maps, photos, with my own experience and knowledge sprinkled throughout! It also has detailed articles describing all the suburbs and countryside from the Coast Range to the Cascades! Each area has a photo tour collage that expresses the unique features each one has to offer. It has at least 200 pages, offering insight into each area.  We give free Portland Neighborhood Tours

Full Service 1.5% Listings

Image and Link to Our 1.5% and Flat Fee Listings page.We do full service 1.5% listings, total commission can be as low as 2%, and we also do flat fee listings. We have been doing this since 2004. It is something we believe in! We excel in photography, writing, spend hundreds of dollars to advertise our listings, have years of experience in negotiation and repairs; in fact I built & remodeled houses for 20 years before becoming a realtor. We are a family real estate company, and we really care about our customers because this is who we are!

Search Homes by Neighborhood

neighborhoods of portlandWe have several different ways to search for houses that are for sale, save your searches and have new listings in your unique target automatically sent to you as soon as they are listed.  You can do an advanced search, map search or a neighborhood search!

Relocation to Portland

Image and link to Our Relocation to Portland Page.Portland is a really big place, spread out over 134 square miles, very diverse, with 95 official neighborhoods- each one a little different from the others. Not only that, there are so many suburbs, all within a half hour of Portland, some within 10-15 minutes! Each one of these suburbs offers it’s own personality, geography and lifestyle! So if you are relocating to Portland, INTEL, OHSU, NIKE, or just to Portland, it is really important to get to know the city a little bit before you decide where you want to live. We give Free Portland Neighborhood Tours and work with you before you get here!

We are a Family!

Creative Realtors PortlandWe are a local family Real Estate company in Portland Oregon, who loves to hang out together, working and playing! I’ll give you a little bit of our history, so you can understand who we are, and how we work as a 3 generation team to help our clients have the best real estate experience we can give them! We are in love with Portland, and want to share our knowledge of real estate and Portland with our clients! Here is our story, who we are, and how we became Portland Creative, Realtors

Homes We Sold

Image and Link to Our Homes We Sold PageWe sell an average of 60 homes per year, mostly in the Inner City- on both sides of the Willamette River, but we work all over the Portland Metro Area! You can see our sold listings here or on our zillow site, and reviews

Current Listings

Image and Link to Our Current Listings Page.Take a look at Our Current Listings. They go fast, and the Pendings do not show!

Portland Creative, Realtors, specialize in helping Buyers find the Neighborhood that is right for them. Analyzing condition, negotiating multiple offers, whatever it takes. When you buy a house, you are choosing a lifestyle.

Featured Listings

Featured Listing, Gorgeous 3 family riverfront home in Milwaukie-$1,340,000, 5100SF,  8 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 3 residences, 6 car garage, boat and RV garage.

Watch video- it is an amazing house!

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