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Our Ethics – Our Core Values!

We always try to put our client’s interests first. We strive to be honest and sincere, and we really do care about our clients! I am one of those strange people that actually likes and trusts other people, and time and time again, this belief in people has proved to be justified! Our family, working together as a team of Realtors®, has built our real estate company on this principle. We have found it to be such a satisfying way of life, to really give heart and soul to helping our clients either find a house to call home, or get the highest price possible for their home when their life changes, and they decide to sell their home! To know that we have done our best, and see our clients happy, is the best reward we can get!

What Makes Us Different!

Portland Neighborhood Guide

Image and Link for our Portland Neighborhood Guide Page. We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide to help people understand how Portland is laid out. It covers the whole Portland Metro Area and is our Signature Program- one of the things that make us unique. It is full of detailed descriptions, Maps, Photos, hand made collages, Links to Parks, Bike Trails, Festivals, Shops, Public Transportation and anything else that makes the Neighborhood Unique.

Full Service 1.5% Listings

Image and Link to Our 1.5% and Flat Fee Listings page.We do what most other Realtors® do and more, in fact we do more advertising, take awesome photos, have 20 years experience building & remodeling houses, and we co-list each of our listing, so you have 2 of us working full time for you instead of just one Realtor®. We put it in writing so you know exactly what we will do. You can read the specifics and we will stand by them!

Listings by Neighborhood

Image and Link to Our Listings by Neighborhood PageThe Market has been crazy these past couple of years! Houses are gone almost before they go up for sale! We have a feature on our website that will help you a lot! Just put in your price range, choose which Neighborhood(s) you are interested in- yes you can choose Neighborhoods! Put in your Email- and the program will start sending your houses in your Selected Neighborhood(s) as soon as they are listed.

Relocation to Portland

Image for Our Relocation to Portland PageWe have a whole section on Relocation to Portland, OHSU, Intel and Nike! Learn about the surrounding areas, Housing market, Slide Shows Teach you about the Areas.

We are a Family

Image of Our Family CompanyWe are a Local Family Company, Mother, 3 Daughters and Son-in-law! Dad is our Web guy. Here is Our story: Hayley helped me a lot with Real Estate when she was still in school, We had a lot of fun. I never expected her to become my partner when she turned 18! We started Our own Company in 2006. We were doing amazing, as well as having a lot of fun. Within a year Wendy and Lisa had Joined Us as Realtors®.

Homes We Sold

Image and Link to Our Homes We Sold PageWe sell an average of 60 homes per year, mostly in the Inner City- on both sides of the Willamette River, but we work all over the Portland Metro Area!

Current Listings

Image and Link to Our Current Listings Page.Take a look at Our Current Listings. They go fast, and the Pendings do not show!

Help for Buyers

Image and Link to Our Help for Buyers PageWe specialize in helping Buyers, find the Neighborhood that is right for them. Analyzing condition, negotiating multiple offers, whatever it takes. When you buy a house, you are choosing a lifestyle.

Loan Programs and Lenders

Image and Link to Our Loan Programs and Lenders page. Loan Programs are constantly changing and it can make a big difference as to how much you pay.

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