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Back in 2006, when I started my company, I realized Portland was based on neighborhoods. We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide back then, to help people get to know the Portland neighborhoods. But I wanted something more. I wanted people to be able to search homes by neighborhood, not by zip codes, not by schools, but by neighborhoods.  We have the neighborhood maps all set up with current listings on them, we are just waiting to get the dropdown menu finished so you can sign up for the neighborhoods you want.  If you are here without finding it yet, just email me what neighborhoods you want, and I will send you the link for the neighborhoods you are interested in. They are updated constantly, so you can find houses in just the Portland neighborhoods that interest you!  You can see an example below of what it will be by clicking on Homes for Sale in Alameda Neighborhood. It will take you to a map with just Alameda homes that are active!

As soon as we get the dropdown built, by next week, you will be able to find them all on your own, right here!  If you want listings sent to you using the advanced search, the map search, the basic search, or in a week, the neighborhood search, click below where it says 

Click here to sign up for listings in your target neighborhoods. 

Click here to go to map search and find listings by map

If you click on the dropdown menu below, it will bring up all the neighborhoods that you can choose.  So if you click on Alameda, which is the first one, it will bring up a map of Alameda with all the current listings on it.  If you click on the listing, it will bring up all the information about the house. And if you login first, and save the neighborhood, it should update the listings as soon as they come on the market!

Homes for sale in Alameda Neighborhood

If you see something that you have questions about, or would like to see, you can email us directly from the listing! We are used to jumping on things right away, so we will get answers for you, or schedule a showing asap!

Click here to sign up for listings in your target neighborhoods.