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Portland Neighborhood Guide

Explore Portland with Portland Neighborhood Guide

We wrote the Portland Neighborhood Guide to help people who do not live here to understand how Portland is laid out! It covers all the little Neighborhoods of the Inner City, plus most of the West Suburbs, and some of the East Suburbs. Each little Neighborhood has it’s own personality and lifestyle, which is important to think about whether you want to walk or bike a lot, whether you want to be close to coffee shops and restaurants- and how close. Whether you want to take public transportation, have a garden, live in a historic district or newer area. There are some areas that have access to miles and miles of walking trails, there are other areas that do not even have sidewalks- and it is dangerous to walk anywhere! The West side lifestyle is quite different from the East side- and it is important to understand the difference. It will save you a lot of time as you search for your perfect dream home! We give free Portland Neighborhood Tours

The Portland Neighborhood Guide is divided into several different parts- you can read about each area at the beginning of each section and then go on to the individual neighborhoods and suburbs from there. Portland is divided into East and West by the Willamette River and Burnside Ave divides East and West Portland. The Columbia River is just North of Portland and divides the States of Oregon to the South and Washington to the North. The Portland Neighborhood Guide is one of the first things I did when I started selling Real Estate. I knew that if people wanted to find the perfect home to buy, they needed to understand the Neighborhoods. I think Portland has more diversity than any other city I have been to, as far as the way it is laid out, the type of houses there are, and the lifestyle people live! Our Portland Neighborhood Guide has detailed descriptions, maps, photos, and links to parks, bike trails, festivals, shops, public transportation, schools, history, and each has a hand made collage in which I have tried to give a glimpse of the personality and feel of each neighborhood that expresses what I feel makes it stand out from the others. You can get an overview of each area by reading the description of each main section of Portland. Then if you want to learn more about each little neighborhood, go to the individual neighborhoods. Have fun! And if you would like a free personal tour of Portland neighborhoods, or would like to look at some houses with someone who would love to share their insight with you, just give us a call or email us and we can set it up! We specialize in helping people get to know Portland better!

North Portland Neighborhoods

North Portland has done a complete about face in the past 10 years or so. It used to be run down, full of rentals and uncared for homes- lots of crime and violence- and gangs about 20 yrs ago. Read more…

North East Portland Neighborhoods

The East side of Portland is the older part of the city- with lots of awesome historic homes full of charm and character, tree lined streets and little neighborhood business areas with local restaurants, pubs, cafes and shops. Read more…

South East Portland Neighborhoods

There is a community closeness in each of the SE Portland Neighborhoods, fostered and nurtured by the little local cafes, restaurants and shops. Read more…

Northwest Portland Neighborhoods

Northwest Portland includes the Parts of downtown area, alot of the tall buildings you see in the skyline photos, Pearl District, the Alphabet District, and Forest Park. It rises quickly from the river up into Forest Park, the West Hills and the SW Hills. Read more…

Southwest Portland Neighborhoods

borders Beaverton, Tigard and Lake Oswego. The city of Portland has listed some of the neighborhoods that logically should be SW Portland Neighborhoods, in the NW Neighborhood Coalition Read more…

Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland has so much to offer from its world class restaurants to its farmers markets and festivals. Downtown is found in the SW Part of the inner west side Read more…

West Portland Suburbs

Directly west of Portland you will find Beaverton- a thriving city in itself. It stretches from Portland to Hillsboro- with the Max line running right through it. To the SW is Tigard- stretched out along Barber Blvd-which becomes 99W. Read more…

West Portland Countryside

Yamhill County is listed as one of the 20 hottest neighborhoods to live in the Portland Metro area. It is some of the most gorgeous farmland you have ever seen – rolling patchwork hills going on and on – between Portland and the Ocean. Read more…

Outer East Portland Neighborhoods

Inner East Portland is usually considered west of 82nd Ave. This is still in Portland proper, but the neighborhoods are a little bit farther out, are not as popular (although as Portland grows, these neighborhoods are getting more and more interest), and most people don’t really hear much about them. This neighborhood guide would not be considered complete without addressing these neighborhoods, which would be the ones between 82nd and Gresham.

East Portland Suburbs

East Portland is very different from West Portland. It is on the east side of the Willamette River, with the Columbia River as it’s northern border, and the foothills of the Cascade Mountains is the east border, the towns along the Willamette River, including Oregon City which goes steeply up from the Willamette River. Each suburb offers it’s own unique features because of the huge difference in geography. To learn more about each area, just click on the suburb itself. We are still in the process of adding the east suburbs, although we have been working in them for over 10 years! This area does have some farmland and multi-acre plots, but much of it is hilly and rocky with lots of evergreen trees. Some has been cleared, and can be used for animals and growing things, but it’s not the same kind of land as the West Countryside, which is in the Willamette Valley.

East Portland Countryside

The East Portland countryside is alot different than the west side. The west side is the Willamette Valley, amazing farmland, rolling hills, wide valleys, and then the foothills of the coast range. The east countryside is in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, so is more rugged and rocky, with small craggy valleys, ridges, and lots of forest. The east countryside includes the open forest and farmland that is just east and south of the east suburbs,

Fun things to do with kids in Portland Metro area

There are so many festivals, museums, parks and trails, heritage sites, rivers-lakes-creeks, mountain areas and forests that we can explore, there just isn’t enough time to do it all. So I decided to make a guide for us, and share my research with others who want to enjoy Portland with their kids and grand kids! I am separating it into sections, broken down into the same areas that I broke the neighborhood guide into. I will describe what I think are the most fun things to do with kids in that area, some I have seen and done, others are new to me and I am excited to do.