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NE Portland Neighborhoods

NE Portland Neighborhoods – A neighborhood being revitalized

Portland is divided into north and south at Burnside- and east and west at the Willamette River. So NE Portland neighborhoods goe from the Willamette River east all the way to the Gresham border, and from Winning Way at the Rose Quarter north to Rail tracks just before the Columbia River. NE Portland neighborhoods have changed so much over the past few years. Just like cities all over America, it is being restored and revitalized from the river out, so that each neighborhood has a walkable bikable lifestyle! So many of the older run down neighborhoods have been brought back to live, with houses restored and rebuilt, new houses added, streets fixed, shops, restaurants, pubs and cafes sprouting up everywhere. This has the effect of bringing the community together, because each neighborhood has it’s own local gathering places.

Some neighborhoods are bordered on 2 sides by two different business areas, like Irvington with Broadway to the south, Mississippi and Williams to the west and Fremont shops to the north! Most of the business areas have local shops with their own unique charm and character. There are very few chain stores anywhere except maybe a few on the main drags!

You can learn more about each NE Portland neighborhoods by going to the area you are interested in, lets say NE Portland, then going down to the neighborhood you want to know more about, for example, Irvington There is lots of information describing the neighborhood, with maps, trails, links to shops, parks, restaurants, and even history, plus anything that makes that neighborhood especially unique

Alameda Neighborhood

Alameda ridge runs along a ridge that sits up above the city offering breathtaking views of the Willamette river, the downtown skyline. NE 39th winds up from NE Broadway St, up through the hills, passing spectacular showpiece homes that sit on the ridge overlooking the city. It’s one of my favorite drives in the city. When you get to the top, which is NE 42nd and Prescott, you come to a group of trendy little shops, cafes and restaurants.

Beaumont-Wilshire Neighborhood

Beaumont Wilshire is one of the classiest of the NE Portland neighborhoods , partly because of it’s proximity to all the shops and restaurants on NE Fremont with Beaumont Village being the heart, but also because it is on the Alameda Ridge, which is one of the most coveted streets in Portland because of it’s streets that wind up the ridge, lined with trees and greenery and gorgeous historic homes!

Boise Neighborhood

Mississippi is the common name that Portlanders use for this neighborhood- but Boise is the official name, spilling north into Humboldt and south a little bit into Elliot. This is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Portland right now- with trendy shops, cafes and eateries, plus an area of Food Carts. There are also lots of really cool old houses- some gorgeous! And it’s just a few blocks to the MAX on Interstate!

Concordia Neighborhood

The boundaries are NE 22nd to Lombard to NE 42nd to NE Alberta to NE Prescott. It is bordered by the Alameda, Sabin, Vernon, Woodlawn, Sunderland, Cully and Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhoods. The official Concordia neighborhood includes the sub neighborhood of Alberta Arts, a newer neighborhood that sprung up in the early 2000’s as an artsy funky, lively and fun place to eat, play and live! It goes from about NE 4th to NE 33rd, and from Alberta to Killingsworth.

Cully Neighborhood

Cully has changed so much in the past few years. It used to be on the outskirts of what is hot in Portland, alot of the houses were rundown, it was a good place to find an affordable house. But it has gotten more and more popular; houses were restored and neighborhood was cleaned, up as more and more young families and retirees moved in, adding vitality and energy to the neighborhood. The neighbors came together, set goals, and made them happen.

Eliot Neighborhood

Eliot Neighborhood: Eliot neighborhood is in the North and NE Portland neighborhoods. It is approximately bounded by the Willamette River on the west, NE Fremont Street on the north, NE 7th Avenue on the east, and NE Broadway Street on the south. Eliot is a neighborhood in the North and Northeast sections of Portland, Oregon. It is approximately bounded by the Willamette River on the west, NE Fremont Street on the north, NE 7th Avenue on the east, and NE Broadway Street on the south. It is usually joined with Boise so is called Boise Elliot, which I have listed in N Portland and NE Portland.

Grant Park Neighborhood

Just a little ways off Broadway- right in the middle of the east side of the city, with tree lined streets, beautiful historic homes of every style, is Grant Park, which took it’s name from the 20 acre park it is built around! It is surrounded by some of Portland’s most expensive and beautiful neighborhoods

Hollywood Neighborhood

Hollywood Neighborhood: It is centered around a really historic and trendy commercial district with lots of restaurants, shops, cafes, businesses, gyms, theaters and all kinds of different things. There are houses here too- many of them are huge and really cool styles- like Craftsman, Old PDX and Bungalows. They come with hardwood floors, leaded glass, gorgeous woodwork and built-ins, fireplaces, big front porches, French doors, and other features unique to the classic old Portland quality homes. Sandy Blvd and I-84 run right through this neighborhood, plus bus lines go up and down the major streets and the MAX is close by- so it is very convenient to getting places!

Kerns Neighborhood

Kerns Neighborhood: Kerns runs from the Willamette River to NE 32nd and from E Burnside up to I-84. It is relatively close-in to downtown Portland and is a mix of commercial and residential. Kerns is a fairly small urban area- not a lot of residential property but the few that it has are older Portland homes–beautiful large, homes with period charm and detail, many of which have been converted over the years into multi-family units and multiplexes. Portland four-squares and large Craftsman style bungalows line the streets, tucked into commercial areas.

Humboldt Neighborhood

Humboldt Neighborhood: Humboldt neighborhood is bordered by Overlook, Piedmont, King and Boise neighborhoods. The Humboldt neighborhood is also really close to the Max line on the other side of Interstate. Bicycle commuting to downtown is easy and convenient thanks to bike lanes on almost every street. This young, hip neighborhood is an urban area mixing residential and commercial streets

Irvington Neighborhood

Irvington Neighborhood: Irvington is south of Fremont, north of Broadway and between 7th and 26th NE. It’s NE corner overlaps Alameda. It is bordered by Alameda to the east, Sullivan’s Gulch to the south, Elliot to the west and Sabin to the north. And even though it is mostly residential, except for parks a school, and a few businesses on 15th- it is surrounded by the city life! Just go across the Broadway Bridge, and you are right in the middle of downtown Portland. Go east a little, and you are at Lloyd Center- a huge shopping mall with an indoor ice skating rink. Fremont is full of trendy shops, coffee houses and restaurants-even has a Whole Foods Market

King Neighborhood

King is a huge neighborhood with a lot of variation in condition of homes and the surrounding area. It is multi-cultural, socially conscious, and has become super popular in the last few years. It is still a bit in transition- but has a lot going for it with it’s cool historic homes. King is close in to downtown and to Alberta bu it is still a little bit more reasonably priced than some of the other neighborhoods…but may not be for long.

Lloyd District Neighborhood

Lloyd District- The Lloyd District is a bustling, diverse neighborhood with restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, entertainment- a seemingly endless array of things to see and do. In fact, it has become one of the main activity and entertainment hubs of Portland, with concerts and sporting events at the Rose Quarter, and a wide variety of shops and services. It was really built around Lloyd Center, which is a huge shopping mall with an ice skating rink! Most of this area is newer, so it lacks the Old world feel of the other inner-city neighborhoods. And the personality of Portland is not really found here- it is mostly a big business district- containing lots of fast food, chain stores etc.

Madison South Neighborhood

Madison South Neighborhood: Madison South is right at the Base of Rocky Butte. It also goes all the way West to Rose City Golf Course. It is bordered by the Roseway, Sumner, Cully, Parkrose, Montavilla, and Rose City Park neighborhoods.

It is a great little neighborhood of still reasonably priced homes. It has gone up since 2016 though. The homes are nicer once you get away from 82nd. It has mostly mid-century homes which are very popular with their old growth wood floors and big picture windows. Nice size yards. They are on the smaller side which keeps the neighborhood prices reasonable.

Rose City Park Neighborhood

Rose City Park is another one among the NE Portland neighborhoods in , Oregon. It borders Beaumont-Wilshire, Grant Park, and the Hollywood District on the west, Cully on the north, Roseway and Madison South on the east, and Center on the south. is a wonderful, peaceful neighborhood of beautiful Craftsman Bungalows, English cottages, Mid-Century, and smaller Bungalows- many streets tree lined-a family oriented neighborhood that is very popular. Most of the houses have lots of historical charm and character- fireplaces with built-ins, wide moldings, hardwood or fir floors, picture molding, and arches

Roseway Neighborhood

The Roseway in the NE Portland neighborhoods used to be a hidden gem, but in the past couple of years people have discovered it. It is bordered by Rose City Park, Beaumont Wilshire, Cully, Sumner and Madison South.Because of it’s proximity to Fremont and 57th, the neighborhood has good access to all the shops and restaurants on Fremont and the Hollywood areas. It is now very popular among young families, and there are also alot of older empty nesters and senior citizens.

Sabin Neighborhood

Sabin is located North of Irving Park and the Irvington Neighborhood, West of Alameda Neighborhood, along Fremont St to the East of MLK. It borders on Concordia to the North and Alberta Arts District. Because it is so close-in, the commute to downtown is easy. It’s also close to I-5 and 405. It has a community feel and is an older established Neighborhood with classic bungalows and old PDX homes. All over the area you can see people walking and riding their bikes.

Sullivan’s Gulch Neighborhood

Sullivan’s Gulch is a mixture of beautiful Craftsman Bungalows, Old PDX, Victorian and a lot of condo conversions- most made from cool older buildings with hardwood floors and character. There are also quite a few apartments, everything kind of mixed together with the commercial, restaurants and pubs. It is a very dense compact neighborhood, well established, has some large older homes on tree-lined streets, also some pretty cool quirky vintage apartments, and newer condos and apartment buildings. It’s a good place to live if you want to be able to walk or ride your bike everywhere or take public transit- the shopping and restaurants nearby are awesome. It is very close to Broadway and Weidler and all the commercial things on those streets, plus Lloyd Center is nearby.

Sumner Neighborhood

is still affordable, so young families are moving in and slowing fixing up houses, fixing up yards, and connecting with each other to make the neighborhood better. There are alot of unique things in the neighborhood that make it special for people who like greenspaces and nature. Part of the neighborhood is on the other side of Columbia Blvd, around Johnson Lake and the wetlands.

Sunderland Neighborhood

Few people actually live in Sunderland, other than those in the Dignity Village homeless settlement or in the prison located in the northern part of the NE Portland neighborhoods. It is really far north right near the airport, a lot of the ground is boggy and wetlands, and there are 2 golf courses there. It is hard to give the exact boundaries.

A large portion of the neighborhood is occupied by the Riverside and Broadmoor golf courses, and there’s another large golf course just off the east side of the neighborhood, in neighboring East Columbia, Portland. To the east of Sunderland lies Portland International Airport. The very northern edge of the neighborhood, which is NE Marine Drive, borders the Columbia River and offers a couple of marine-related services and restaurants.

Vernon Neighborhood

Vernon runs from NE 10th to NE 22nd and from Ainsworth south to Wygant- kind of zig-zags south of the NE Portland neighborhoods . Part of it is called the “Alberta Arts” district- which is an up and coming artsy neighborhood with cool shops, cafes and art galleries. Alberta Arts runs from MLK to about NE 32nd and then from Alberta north to Killingsworth. The main artsy area is along NE Alberta.

Woodlawn Neighborhood

Woodlawn is one of the farthest North of the NE Portland neighborhoods. It’s one unique feature that gives it some class, is the diagonal way the streets come together in the middle of the neighborhood. There are several parks nearby and the way the houses are being restored and remodeled. It borders on Columbia Blvd to the North, Ainsworth to the South, MLK to the West and NE 21st to the East. Neighborhoods that border are Piedmont Neighborhood to the West, Vernon and King to the South and Concordia to the East.