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There are quite a few people today who want to sell their homes themselves.  They want to benefit from all the work, time and money they have invested in the house, and feel they can market it themselves.  I believe people should have options.  I have been offering Flat Fee listings almost since I first started selling real estate.  We do a lot more for our Flat Fee clients than most realtors do. We are actually very proactive, and the sellers benefit from all the advertising we pay for on zillow, trulia and realtor.com  We are also flexible and willing to look at ideas.   We offer basically  2 different flat fee listing programs- You can decide which one you want to do, or if you want to change it, add or subtract from it, let us know and we will work with you to personalize it for you.   We also offer this option.  If the flat fee program isn’t working for you, and you decide, instead, you want to do a full service 1.5% listing because you need more help, we can change it to full service, and when it sellers, you will get credited for the flat fee amount you have paid us.  It is a win-win situation for the seller!

Flexible Flat Fee means we can negotiate on what you want for your flat fee! Here is what I do for most of them:

  • List it in RMLS for you- but it will be a limited representation- meaning I will not represent you or do your paperwork or your negotiations. You, the seller, will take care of the showing, the selling, the paperwork, inspection, negotiations etc. You will fill out the forms so that I know the room sizes, and other things you want in the listing. I will actually fill out the listing for you and get it onto RMLS
  • I will take the photos with the latest Cannon Rebel wide angle lens Camera and I spend quite a bit of time editing the photos on the latest Photoshop Creative Cloud, which is the full Adobe subscription program with all the latest updates. It is important to me that my photos are the best I can do, whether it is for my 1.5% listing or my Flat Fee program! My photos are really good! I also write the ad- I am a writer and use a lot of creative word pictures and descriptions.
  • Your flat fee listing benefits from all the advertising we pay for, because even though it is just a flat fee, all my listings get the benefit of my ads. I pay over $550 per month to have my listings featured on realtor.com, zillow and trulia- which are the main places people look to find houses. I hand write all my listing ads, add extra photos, information about the neighborhood etc, and they come up to the top of the list when searches are done. Even though you are a flat fee, you still benefit from all this.  Other realtors that charge 6% don’t even do this!  Their listings automatically upload to these sites like they do on other realtor sites like Redfin, JohnLScott etc. And they don’t pay to be featured! Mine come up to the top of the searches because of the way I have it structured.
  • We are not known as a Flat Fee company, so when realtors and other people see the listing, they don’t realize it is a Flat Fee. Realtors are hesitant to show flat fee listings for many reasons-for example they end up doing both sides of the transaction but only get paid for half, the seller can be unreasonable as to price because they aren’t a professional and don’t really understand the market, sometimes it is hard to deal with a seller on repairs- Realtors are used to battling it out and usually know what they are doing- a lot of times For Sale by Owners don’t, and there is always the concern that if you show a house to a buyer, the buyer can go behind their back and make a deal with the seller without telling their realtor. Because I am not normally a Flat Fee listing service, most realtors will not even realize it is a flat fee until after their buyer has seen it, and sometimes not until the offer is written!
  • If I bring the buyer you only have to pay me 2% instead of the normal 2.5% or 3% The reason I do this is because I feel that since I am advertising the house so much, I should give my seller a benefit!
  • If you sell it on your own, and you want me to represent you, I charge an additional Flat Fee of $1000 to do the paperwork, handle the repair issues and escrow and bring it to close! So I will represent you 100% for $1000, or the buyer can hire me to represent them 100%, or you can split it and I help you both, for $500 each. It then becomes a Disclosed Limited Agency.

To get all this, I charge a Flat Fee of $1000- which, as I said, I will credit back to you if you decide to do a regular 1.5% Listing and it sells- the flat fee amount you paid will be credited back to you!

We are a local family company- I have been doing Flat Fees since 2005.   I believe in giving people a flexible menu of ways to sell their homes. If you have any other ideas about how you want to structure a flat fee, tell me about it, and we may be able to work it out.

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