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About Hayley
Email Hayley at hayleypcr@gmail.com

I've been a realtor since 2005 - and worked with my mom helping her with her business even before that. I absolutely love doing real estate! I have always loved looking at all the different houses with her. Before we bought our house in 2003, we must have looked at over 1000 homes! It was so exciting to see all the different styles and designs. Even back then I knew I wanted to be a Realtor. I started studying when I was 17- plus working in the office- and got my license right after I turned 18. My mom and I worked together at Oregon First for a year, so I was involved in all the office meetings and education- and learned a lot! It taught me to take Real Estate extremely seriously- Our Principle Broker loved to tell us horror stories about all the things that had gone wrong in other Realtor's transactions! They wanted us to realize that we had to make sure everything was done right- and on time! It was good training for me, being so young- It brought me up right! I sold 35 houses my first year, and even more in the years following, some buyers and some listings. So I have quite a bit of experience in selling homes and taking care of all the important details- like home inspections, negotiations, escrow, Bank owned, Short Sales, etc.

I was raised with a hammer and paint brush in my hand! So because of this, I will be able to help you access a home before you make an offer. Then once you made and offer and got an inspection I can help you decide as to what repairs probably need to be done, and whether the problems could be easily fixed, or if there may possibly be serious underlying issues that would cost a lot of money and take a lot of experience to repair. I'm not an expert, you still need to hire a professional inspector! But I can help you through the process of weeding out the easily do- able fixers and the ones to stay away from. This helps me when I am working with buyers- because I can spot a lot of problems and issues they may not have noticed!

I've also had a lot of responsibility since I was pretty young. When I was 14 I got my first job at the Espresso/food Stand outside Home Depot- where my mom worked! It was extremely busy- I made $50 a day in tips a lot of times! I opened and closed it myself- pretty much handling everything! Then I worked at Starbucks till I got my Realtors license. All this responsibility has helped me a lot in my real estate. I know things have to be done - and I get right on it and do it! I am very organized and a perfectionist, which helps in such an important career as being a Realtor. In fact, right from the start, I was the one who handled the files...making sure they were always up to date and had everything in them; and the books!

Right now I am still part of the company, but am living in southern Oregon, not far from Crater Lake! My husband was given an amazing job opportunity, which we took. I am still working with my family and Portland Creative Realtors- but am doing so remotely right now- taking care of the files (always my job!), alot of the advertising and anything else I can do from here. We still see each other quite a bit, and have regular meetings on the business and how to make it better. Lyle, my brother in law, Lisa's husband, got his license just about the time I moved, so he has taken over my part of the selling.... but my heart will still always be there with our family company... and someday I may even come back!

Hayley - Principle Broker

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