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 About PortlandCreativeRealtors.com

Our Ethics - What our beliefs are, and who We are to the core!

    I always try to put my client's interests first. I strive to be honest and sincere.... and I really do care about my clients. I am one of those strange people that actually likes and trusts other people! And time and again, this belief in people has proven to be justified! Hopefully, if I continue to live by this rule- I will build a loyal group of clients who will keep coming back when they need help with real estate- and will recommend me to their friends! I'm also a go-getter, very creative in my thinking and business, and willing to work 24-7 if need be!

What makes us different?

Here are some of the things that make me a little bit different than most realtors:

    . I have a program that will send you updated emails by neighborhood each day that will give you the listings that just came out that day- in the neighborhoods you choose! You can choose as many neighborhoods as you like! Just look for the Auto-Search-Send -click on it and sign up for the neighborhoods that you are interested in-put in your price range- and they will automatically come to your email each day. Then, when you see something you like, just email me and I'll meet you there as soon as possible! Between me and my 3 daughters, one of us can always help you!
    . We do 1.5% listings - you get more for your money! Check out 1.5% listings to see what I do for that price! You'll be amazed!
    . I'm a consistent multimillion dollar producer- over 60 homes in 2006, over 60 homes in 2005, and almost as many in 2004! I have lots of get up and go and experience- and because I have my own family company, and I really care about you, we will be there for you 100%
    . I've been a realtor for 9 years, lived in the Portland Metro area for 12. We sell on both the east side and the west side. I live in Tigard- so am very familiar with the west suburbs- but these last two years I've have been specializing in the city of Portland- because I just love those old houses! And the neighborhoods! So wherever you want to buy or sell- east or west- I will be able to help you! (I don't go out to Gresham, Troutdale, Estacada or those Far East suburbs, though.)
    . We are all go-getter, and I am most always available! To be a good realtor you have to! And because I am working with my husband and kids, I love it, and don't feel like I am missing out at all! It has become our life. If I do take a vacation, my daughters are always there to take over.
    . I have remodeled and sold houses for most of my life- worked at the Tigard Home Depot for 5 years... in electrical for 3. I taught classes on electrical, plumbing, and all kinds of remodeling- even writing and teaching the 2 hour electrical class for Home Depot University. I have lots of experience in remodeling homes- have a good eye for problems- and am very good at seeing potential in a home. I know the market, and can help you choose a home that will be a great investment!
    . I work with a couple of awesome loan guys who are very creative in their financing and can qualify people who didn't think they could qualify! They keep up with all the newest loan programs- are independent so aren't stuck with any one program. There are lots of new programs out there- check out my loan page. They also work with the Oregon Bond, the Acorn Housing program and other unique programs! Am always willing to look at new loan options that could help my clients!
    . I am now working with my three daughters as partners- so there are four of us to take care of your needs! Click on their photos to learn more about whom they are and what their personality and experience is.
    . Because I care about helping my clients really feel good about where they are buying their house, and I know a lot of people don't know much about all the Portland neighborhoods and suburbs, I have painstakingly written a Neighborhood Guide- It has come from my own knowledge about the Portland neighborhoods- plus some research- so you will get a good idea as to the personality of each area. If you aren't from around here, it can be daunting to try and figure out where you want to buy your house.
    . My husband and I built our whole website from scratch, ourselves! I wrote it, he built it using his html Knowledge and constant learning of things like Google Maps and so on! It was a huge undertaking- especially the Neighborhood Guide- but that's how I do everything! This business is mine- it's my heart and soul- and I am determined to take care of it and my clients personally- myself!
    . I also will work with you personally as a buyer. We can meet for coffee, get to know each other a little bit, and go from there. Or you can email me your price range, location wanted, size, # bedrooms, style of home or condo and anything else that is important to you- I will research it for you and send you some listings that fit your needs- with lots of pictures that you can look through so you will get a good idea of what the house is like. Then if you'd like to see any of them, we can set up an appointment to go check them out! Make sure that you send me your full email address, though, so that I can link it to listings- that way you will be able to click on the pictures.
    . I have no plans to grow or expand. And I try to only take on as many listings or buyers as I can handle.giving them 100% My daughters are following my same ethics and principles- and I am always there to work with them on important negotiations or problems- so you will always have my experience available even when you are working with one of them!

How I came to be The Creative Realtor and PortlandCreativeRealtors.com

In 2005 I was the top producer in the Oregon First Real Estate Company. My sales were consistently high, and I was the top producer for the year. I had been doing 1.5% listings for two years, and it was working out really well. I co-listed everything with my daughter, Hayley, and we had a system down where we got everything done by working together- it was awesome. Then the blow came! My Principle Broker called me into her office and said that now that they had over 200 agents, and I was so well known, they couldn't allow me to advertise the 1.5% Listing Program anymore! The other agents were getting calls asking them to do Listings for 1.5% They didn't want me to leave- they just wanted me to start doing full priced listings!

But I loved what I did. The 1.5% Listing Program was working really well for us. We keep a low overhead and work really hard- our reputation was growing... So I decided to go off on my own and form my own company. I had basically been doing it all myself, anyway, for the last 2 years. I took my Broker's Exam, passed with a 95%, and my daughter and I set up our company. I had learned a lot from Oregon First- they are an awesome company- and I would still be with them if I could do my 1.5% Listing Program! They are extremely on top of all the laws, rules, and ethics - and have trained me well in knowing what needs to be done, when and how! Ken used to tell us horror stories of all the things that could and did go wrong in transactions- making us aware of our duties to our clients; and I've taken all that knowledge into our new company.

I have been The Creative Realtor since 2003 and have had my company, PortlandCreativeRealtors.com, since the beginning of 2006. We keep our overhead low, spend our time and money on the things that really count, and are always trying new things. There is always something new with internet advertising and technology. Cruise through my website, read about who I am and who Wendy, Lisa and Hayley are. Then email or call the one of us that you think fits your personality and style the best! We will do our best to help you in all your buying and selling needs!

Principle Broker Helen Hoyt 503-998-4429 helen@portlandcreativerealtors.com


•  I call myself The Creative Realtor because I am creative in the way I look at houses. I can see the potential- but, because of my extensive remodeling and building experience, I can also see serious problems that would be hard or expensive to work with. I've been a Real Estate agent for 8 years, and have lived in the Portland metro area for 12- so I know the prices, what is a good deal, where the safe areas are, the up and coming areas, etc. I live on the west side- Tigard, but my daughters live on the east side- and I have sold houses on both. So I know the whole Portland Metro area very well. I have researched all the areas with an eye to either living there myself, or having my daughters live there! You look at neighborhoods quite differently when you are considering living there yourself, or even more so, when you are thinking of your daughters living there!

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Broker Hayley Hultengren 503-347-9963 hayleyhult@comcast.net

• I have lived in the Portland Metroarea for most of my life and I am very familiar with the different areas from Sandy to Forest Grove and from Portland to Woodburn with everything in between! I have sold hundreds of homes all over the Portland area, so I have quite a bit of experience in selling homes with all the important details - Like home inspections, negotiations, escrow, short sales, etc. I also have owned two homes, doing extensive remodeling, and I have built a home on raw land. I have been a Realtor since 2004 and a Principal Broker since 2010, I got my license as soon as I could! I love what I do and enjoy helping people find a home they love.

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Broker Lisa Peterson 503-737-4735 l-peterson@comcast.net

•  I have been a Realtor in our family company since 2006...
I have always loved looking at houses, remodeling, decorating and making a house into a home. I’ve helped my mom with remodeling, building and fixing ever since I could remember. I used to be out in my dad’s shop with him as he built, created and fixed ….from the time I was 2 years old! It was my favorite place to be.

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Broker Wendy Synder 503-810-6470 wendy-snyder@comcast.net

•  I would like to tell you a little bit about myself. As long as I can remember, I have loved houses and all their unique characteristics. In fact, my dad is an artist, builder and designer of homes-and has done lots of remodeling down through the years- and it has had a big influence on me and I learned a lot. I grew up in a 1914 house that we all worked on together- transforming it into a historical masterpiece. We then remodeled a 4400 SF house on Bull Mountain in Tigard on an acre of land- building our own swimming pool among other things- doubling it's value in just a few years. I fell in love with the process of restoring and remodeling homes when I was young, and since I've been married, my husband and I have remodeled 2 houses on our own- the last one we just recently sold and it is on our website, listed as Holladay St.

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