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About Sherwood

Sherwood was actually first settled in 1853- and its little downtown area is really cute, and does have some really old historic homes. It lies just SW of Tigard along highway 99W. It has grown like crazy the past few years- with housing developments springing up everywhere. There are lots of farm stands here in the summer, and a real feed store- and it runs right into farmland as you head west.

There are lots of new neighborhoods built in the 90's till now. It was voted one of the top 10 places for families a couple of years ago- there are alot of newer houses and neighborhoods with lots of kids! The schools are pretty good- it’s still kind of a small town on the edge of the country! Amazingly enough, all the growth has not squelched the small-town atmosphere of the historic Old Town, and the camaraderie that is evident at community gatherings such as the city's annual Robin Hood Festival.

Sherwood is a medley of juxtapositions - the old and the new creating a unique harmony. The protected wetlands of the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge and the rolling hills of fertile farmland surround Sherwood's bustling roads and city center. The quiet of Old Town's antique stores and tea shops are only minutes away from new commercial businesses such as the ACT III 10-screen theater, the YMCA, and the Ice Hus, a double-sheet ice rink.

This vitality of oppositions makes Sherwood one of Oregon's most livable cities, providing attractions for all. It is a family-oriented community not far from the commercial bustle of Portland.

The city is located on Highway 99W, between Tigard and Newberg, an important transportation triangle in south Washington County. The location also makes it ideal for professionals who commute to work in Portland and return to live in the quiet of the Sherwood community.


Cinnamon Hills Park ~ A collaborative effort of the residents and the City of Sherwood, this mini-park/play lot includes a swing, play structure, and benches along with ample green space. Due to terrain and location, future development is limited.

Langer Park ~ Maintained by the Sherwood Village Homeowners Association, Langer Park is an open park setting with ample space for passive and active recreational pursuits. A walking/bicycle path meanders through the park and greenway connecting with the playground in the middle of the park.

Murdock Park ~ This Park has had extensive landscaping, including an open play area and a picnic shelter. A playground structure has been added to the open play area.

Veteran's Park ~ Veteran's Park is the central focus for Sherwood's Festivals - Saturday Farmer's Market, Arts and Crafts Fairs, Cruisin' Sherwood, and the Robin Hood Festival. It is surrounded by large trees. Benches and picnic tables allow for small group activities.

Oregon Trail Park ~ A peaceful setting located between Santa Fe Terrace and Settlement Drive in the Oregon Trail subdivision. The play structure and open lawn area provide a safe and enjoyable area for the neighborhood children to play.

Pioneer Park ~ The Park currently has 2 acres of forest land, lush open lawn, a shelter for rainy days, and bathroom facilities (port-a-potty). A basketball court has been included in the play area.

Stella Olsen Memorial Park ~ Stella Olsen has a children's playground, a shelter and a pavilion. There is a multi-used path through the wetlands area, providing a connection from West Villa Road to the park. Used by wildlife, as well as humans, it provides a restful, wooded setting for all activities. A port-a-potty is available for use. This park is home to Music on the Green and Movies in the Park during the summer months.

Snyder Park ~ This Park consists of a walking path, baseball fields, and an artificial turf soccer field.

Woodhaven Park ~ this Park consists of a playground area.

Champoeg State Heritage Area ~ Champoeg features a unique combination of history, nature, and recreation. This is the site where Oregon's first provisional government was formed by a historical vote in 1843. Tour the park's visitor center, Newell House, and Pioneer Mothers Log Cabin museums to discover pioneer life at Champoeg. Take a guided walk to learn what happened to the bustling pioneer town of Champoeg, and how the Donald Manson Barn was built. Also includes the Historic Butteville Store founded in 1863. It is considered the oldest operating store in Oregon.


Willamette Mission ~ One of the most significant and beautiful historic sites in the Willamette Valley. The park occupies land where the first mission for American Indians was founded in 1834 by the Reverend Jason Lee. Members of the Methodist Mission were later active in the formation of Oregon government. A monument is located in the park providing information on this settlement. The original mission buildings are represented by framed outlines called ghost structures. A landing for the Wheatland Ferry -- the first to carry the covered wagon across the Willamette River in 1844 -- is in the park. The park offers many daytime opportunities for boaters, anglers and other users. Some of Willamette Mission's 1,680 acres hold filbert and walnut orchards. The nation's largest black cottonwood is in the park (it's older than the U.S. -- it's been around for over 250 years). There are grassy meadows surrounded by an array of flowers, plants, and trees. For those that enjoy water, there's Mission Lake and the Willamette River.

Willamette Mission State Park is perfect for your next picnic! The excellent picnic facilities are reservable for large groups. There are picnic shelters, electricity, restrooms, water faucets, picnic tables, fire rings, sunny areas and trees for shade, plus ample room for parking. You can even rent a large, 4' x 3' charcoal briquette barbecue at the park.

Williamson State Recreation Site ~ Maud Williamson occupies a flat edge of cultivated Willamette Valley farm land on the west side of the Salem-Dayton highway. It's covered by a fine stand of second-growth Douglas fir. The park also includes a historic farm house once occupied by the person who donated the property as a park.


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