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About Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego is just south of Portland along the Willamette River- most of it way up on a hill surrounding the man made Lake Oswego- which was made by damming up the Tualatin River. The houses here are the most expensive in the whole Portland Metro area- many of them with Lake rights or on the lake. From Portland you can ride the Willamette Shore Trolley- which takes you from Portland to Lake Oswego- 6 miles- along the Willamette River , with views and a trip through Oregon 's Darkest Tunnel! When you get to downtown, you will find it has been redone just recently. It used to be old and drab- but a few years ago they built all kinds of new stores, restaurants and cafes- all along the Lake and river- Now it feels like you are in a resort town! There is outdoor art, hanging baskets, trees, brick and stone patios and plaza plantings everywhere.

The city has 573 acres of parks and open spaces- Here is a list of all of them They offer lots of classes and community activities that you can sign up for if you live here

If you want to know more about recreation on the Willamette River- this is an awesome guide you can download- it has maps of all the boat launches along the whole river- fishing info and all kinds of things!

Willamette River Recreation Guide


Lake Oswego was first settled in 1847 by Albert Durham- who built a saw mill on Oswego Creek. The land still had some of the remaining members of the Clackamas Indian tribe living here- but the government sent them to Grand Ronde in 1855- opening up the land for settlement. In the early days, most trade came from Portland to Oregon City frp, the Willamette River , and up the Tualatin River Valley through Tualatin , Scholls , and Hillsboro . The thick woods and rain-muddied roads were major obstacles to traveling by land. Along the rivers of this area can still be seen the leftovers, of river landings, ferry stops, and covered bridges of this period. Passenger traffic hit its peak in 1920 with 64 trains to and from Portland daily. Within 9 years, though- the train was dead. Lake Oswego couldn't compete with the east coast for Iron production. The Lake was formed- it is navigable, people enjoy playing in it. Canals were dug along the lake by Chinese immigrants in the early 1900's which extended the amount of waterfront property.

There are several neighborhood associations- First Addition is the most prestigious- being right in downtown Lake Oswego- within walking distance to the lake and all the shops and restaurants. It also has some of the oldest homes.

A n historic walking tour guide is available from the Chamber of Commerce. It showcases the First Addition, the second oldest neighborhood in Lake Oswego . The tour includes houses built in many architectural styles, including Gothic, Craftsman, Colonial Revival, Vernacular and English Cottage.

Here is a list of other neighborhood associations and their links

Lake Oswego Newspaper

Lake Oswego Schools

Tryon Creek State Park is a 645 acre park that goes from downtown Lake Oswego along the lake all the way up to Terwilligar- with miles and miles of trails.

City of Lake Oswego

History of Lake Oswego

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