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About Beaverton

Beaverton is just 7 miles west of downtown NW Portland in the Tualatin River Valley- covers about 18 squar miles and has about 83,000 residents. It is Oregon 's 5 th largest city. There are over 100 parks encompassing over 1000 acres! There is a park within a half mile of every single home in Beaverton- with 30 miles of hiking trails and a 25 mile network of bike paths!

It is also a main the Max line connects it to the city- so it is an awesome commute! Beaverton is huge- it goes all the way from Portland 's West Hills out to Hillsboro . Aloha is kind of a suburb of Beaverton- a little bit to the SW of it. Housing prices in Beaverton are probably the most affordable of all the close in west suburbs -except maybe Hillsboro . But it's a vibrant, fast growing area intimately connected with the city of Portland . It also has some of the all around best schools of the suburbs. Click here for Max

Beaverton has a gorgeous library- brand new and huge- right downtown Beaveton!


Beaverton was originally inhabited by the "Atfalati" tribe- which the settlers pronounced as Tualatin. They lived along Fanno Creek and the Beaverton Creek, and called their area Place of the Beavers- which is where Beaverton got it's name. In 1847 the first land claim of 640 acres was made in Beaverton . He built a grist mill where Walker Rd is now. Thomas Denny also settled in 1849 and established a sawmill in Beaverton . In 1850 the territorial government created the Portland-Tualatin Valley Plank Road Company to build plank roads from Portland to Hillsboro along Canyon Road . The road was completed as far as Beaverton by 1860. The railroad came into town in 1868, and the small farming community west of Portland began to grow. By 1893 the City of Beaverton was formally incorporated with a population of 400. Tualatin Valley Plank Road Company began building a plank road- which later became Canyon Rd- in 1849. Before that it was a dirt wagon road! Read more about the history of Beaverton at

Here is a collection of historical photos of early Beaverton

Beaverton Farmers Market is really cool- there are all kinds of fresh produce from local farms- it's the largest agricultural growers market in the northwest- usually between 90 and 100 growers are there! It has been recognized in both Sunset and Country Gardens magazines! It runs May - Oct- on Saturdays and Wednesdays from June on.

Schools There are 46 schools in the Beaverton School District -the 3 rd largest district in Oregon .

Beaverton Park map- there are over 200 of them!

List of what parks have

Trail Maps

Crime maps

City of Beaveton

Map of Beaverton City Limits

Look up all kinds of things by address in Washington County

Community Gardens

Map of where Beaverton is- you can also click on the aerial view to see the farmland around it.

Map of where the city limits of Beaverton are, how close it is to Portland and what cities surround it. Click here to go to larger map

Here are the basic neighborhoods of Beaveton- Click here to go to the larger map you can interact with

Click here to go to the real aerial map you can interact with

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