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About Goose Hollow

Goose Hollow is bordered by 405 to the east, Burnside to the north, Washington Park to the west and just past 26 in kind of an windy pattern to the south (Going from east to west go along SW Cardinell Drive to SW Jackson Street to SW Vista Avenue .   It borders on the NW -Alphabet District to the north, the downtown area to the east, the southwest hills to the south and the west hills or Hillside neighborhood to the west.

It's funny to think about what Portland used to be like a long time ago! Goose Hollow got it's name because in the early times of Portland , wild geese used run free throughout the wooded hollow in the Tualatin Mountains . In fact, there was something called the Goose Hollow Wars- people fighting over the geese! Now it has become one of the most densely populated areas in Portland . The neighborhood league is working hard to make it a people friendly area to live in- and has done a great job bringing it back from it's residential downturn during the 2 nd half of the 1900's. There are 6 new condo projects in the area- Neighborhood: The Allegro, the Civic Concos, The Clay Street Commons, the Jefferson, the Manhattan Tower and the Shannon
 There are several different residential areas of Goose Hollow. The Uptown or Lownsdale District used to be all residential- then went through a time when it became warehouses, commercial and light industrial. It is now being reborn- has older brick apartment buildings, hotels, commercial mixed and new condo units coming in. Kings Hill is where some of the wealthiest merchants at the turn of the century lived.- full of gorgeous turn of the century architecture-and is now a designated Historic District. Goose Hollow used to have a huge pond- that's why the geese lived there- and there were many family farms situated nearby- and now is mixed commercial, industrial, residential and freeways. Gander Ridge and Vista Ridge are right at the top or west edge of Goose Hollow bowl- and are full of beautiful homes built up in the hills overlooking Portland


The Max runs right through it- both the Red line and the Blue line- and I-405 and 26 run right through it too. They have done a lot of art décor along the Max line- kind of interesting to see

There is no park right in Goose Hollow, but Washington Park is located right on the west edge- you can hop on the Max and be there in just a couple of minutes. There is a zoo, an arboretum, trails, a Children's Museum, a Rose Garden and all kinds of cool stuff!

Japanese Garden

World Forestry Center

Neighborhood Statistics like crime, census, income, religion, nationality, minutes from downtown and all kinds of cool statistics

More about the neighborhood- detailed maps on crime and all kinds of things. Just put in an address. Go to Portlandmaps.com


Chapman Grade School


West Sylvan Middle School

Lincoln High- which is the oldest high school in the Northwest- it was started in 1869! It's also a really good school. History and more about Lincoln High

All these schools have really high ratings- you can check them out at the School Report Card

More Cool Links

Goose Hollow Inn

Goose Hollow Neighborhood League

PGE Park- Home of the Beavers

Lownsdale Square Pub


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