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About Corbett - Terwilliger -South West WaterFront

Corbett-Terwilliger and Lair Hill- The SW Waterfront

I have a lot to say about this neighborhood. It is my very favorite!

It is actually made up of several different neighborhoods:

South Waterfront . The northeastern part of the neighborhood is the site of a large-scale, high-density district currently under construction. The Portland Aerial Tram (also currently under construction) will link the district to the Oregon Health & Science University campus in the Homestead neighborhood to the west

Lair Hill is in the northwestern part of the neighborhood, bordered by I-405 on the north, SW Barbur Blvd. on the south and west, and SW Naito Parkway on the east. This area was part of historical South Portland , a district of Italian, Irish, and Jewish immigrants much of which was demolished by an "urban renewal" project in 1958.


Corbett . The Corbett area (and SW Corbett St. running north-south through the entire neighborhood) It lies east of Lair Hill, bounded by I-405 on the north, SW Naito Parkway on the west, SW Macadam Ave. on the east. Its southern boundary is marked by the SW Corbett St. bridge over I-5.

Terwilliger goes up the hill and is south of Corbett, between SW Barbur Blvd. and SW Macadam Ave

Johns Landing is the area between the Sellwood Bridge and the south waterfront area- going up the hill a little away from the river. The streets go straight up from McCaddam till they can't go up the hill any farther. There are lots of restaurants and businesses here- also Willamette Park .

South Portland Historic District . Part of the Lair Hill and Corbett areas regulated to protect its historic significance.

The neighborhood goes along the Willamette River- a long, narrow strip of land that is four-miles long- beginning directly south of downtown Portland and ending at the Sellwood Bridge- going up the hill towards Barber Blvd and down to the Willamette River . The north waterfront used to be a vacant, industrial area right on the river. It spread out going south along the bank of the Willamette , until it ran into John's Landing. A beautiful trail ran along the river, beginning at Willamette Park in John's Landing- but when it reached this industrial land, it ended, sending it's travelers out into the street until they could reconnect with the trail closer to downtown.

But just recently part of this neighborhood has undergone a huge change! In fact, it is just finishing up in January 2007. OHSU, or Oregon Health and Science University , has expanded down the hill and spilled out along the Willamette River - connecting it's two parts by an aerial tram. It is just about finished- and includes a 16-story tower housing doctor's offices, research labs, a gymnasium, a four-lane lap pool, cardio and weight-training areas, and a day spa. Those who need more care will be whisked by tram to a new hospital wing on Pill Hill for cutting-edge treatments developed by scientists housed in a new research building. The profits these patients generate will be an engine of OHSU's growth and will subsidize the care of the uninsured, routine maintenance and equipment investments, and eventually construction of a medical school campus on the Willamette .

And they will also be building high density housing, improving the Willamette Greenway with a continuous trail from John's Landing all the way along the Willamette River and through the city of Portland- which you can also take across the Steel Bridge and head back south across the East Side Esplanade-and come back to West Portland on the Hawthorne Bridge! What an awesome trail! I've ridden it many times- but have always had to get off and take to the streets when I come to this new urban renewal area! I'm really excited that the trail will continue unbroken the whole way! Not only that, you can take a detour up the hill on the aerial tram!

John's Landing has always been one of my favorite places in Portland . We used to have a boat, and would take excursions up and down the Willamette . If you go to Willamette Park, which is right in the middle of John's Landing, you can launch your boat, go up the river, pull up to Newport Bay restaurant on the water and have something to eat..or go on into downtown and pull up into the grassy area to attend one of the many festivals. Or just cruise on down the river and go out into the Columbia River , find a secluded little beach or island, have a picnic- go for a swim- and come back! Or another excursion- take your bike to Willamette Park- and ride it all the way into Portland ! Or just lay out on the grass and relax- have a family picnic. It's a beautiful Park right on the water in the city of Portland . The little neighborhood that stretches up the hill above it is called John's Landing. If you can find a house here- it would be the best of both worlds. There are coffee shops, restaurants, shops all along MaCadam. Or you can go across the Sellwood Bridge and be in Sellwood- browse, shop, eat- and come back.

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Here is an interesting plan that I just read about in the Oregonian- Jan 2007. Don Baack, a to use the new tram as part of a 7 mile trail that uses the for trolley, tram, trail and train. They add up to a 7.25-mile loop that starts and ends downtown. Hikers would walk or jog for half that, or 3.67 miles. The loop would take visitors on three transportation modes not found in most cities. It also would give them impressive city views from the top of Council Crest.

Here is the envisioned loop: Board the Portland Streetcar (trolley) at Southwest 11th Avenue and Taylor Street . Ride it to the Southwest Gibbs Street stop near the west tram landing. Ride the tram to the Oregon Health & Science University campus, exiting on Southwest Sam Jackson Park Road , which turns into upper Gibbs Street . Walk west (uphill) on Gibbs to Marquam Hill Road , then to Fairmount Boulevard to Council Crest Park . Leaving the park, take Southwest Talbot Road to Southwest Patton Road , which intersects with Urban Trail No. 7. Follow Urban Trail No. 7 north to the Zoo MAX station, and ride MAX back to Southwest 10th and Yamhill. Voila . . . loop completed. "

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