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About Burlingame

Burlingame sits right above John's Landing, between the Willamette River and I-5. There are a lot of 1920's to the 1960's homes with the classic fireplace, windows and built-ins, hardwood or fir floors, nice size yards, one bathroom..unless another has been added- and many of the houses are small but cute. There are also newer homes that spring up whenever a lot is broken up - which is happening way too much in my opinion! The newer houses are usually huge with tiny lots. If you are on the east hill, you may have a view of Mt Hood or the river. A lot of the streets stop and start, there are a lot of curves, and the business section is older. But it is becoming a very hot neighborhood because of the classic homes and the proximity to the city. You can get into downtown in 5 to 10 minutes, either by going down Terwilliger, going in on Barber Blvd, or taking I-5- so there are a lot of options.

It sits just above the river and John's Landing, which is one of my favorite places in the whole city- and if you go down Terwilliger, you can go right across the Sellwood Bridge and be in Sellwood and on the east side. Plus, there are some awesome parks down along the river there- Willamette Park, Oaks Bottom, Oaks Park and a big off leash dog park right on the river. You can go down to either John's Landing or Sellwood and hop on a trail that takes you right into downtown, either walking or biking.

The other thing I love about the Burlingame area is Tryon Creek State Park. It is a huge park that starts up on the hill and goes all the way down to Lake Oswego- so you can walk down a trail, go out to lunch on the new waterfront in Lake Oswego, then walk back up and go home!

Pretty cool!

Map of neighborhood

Nearby Parks

Tryon Creek State Park:

Burlingame Park is on SW 12th- is on SW 12th

Click Here for Burlingame Park link


Elementary school: Capitol Hill Elementary School

Middle school: Jackson Middle School

High school: Wilson High School

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