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About Woodstock

Woodstock is east of Westmoreland- on the other side of SE 39 th . It is has cute little town center with cafes, shops and eateries. It's official boundaries are SE39 th to the west, SE 60 th to the east (although I would say it should only go to about SE 52nd- it changes drastically around that area),SE Holgate to the north and SE Claybourne and SE Henry to the South- with a long narrow section extending all the way to Johnson Creek. It is right above Reed College area- in fact Reed is just 2 blocks away from the NW corner of Woodstock- which means a lot of the students live in Woodstock .Eastmoreland is way too expensive! But Woodstock borders right along Eastmoreland all the way to the south end of Portland , The farther west you go, the better the houses and neighborhoods are. As you head out towards the SE, the houses become smaller and the neighborhoods become a little bit more run down. It is changing, though, and someday the whole area will be all fixed up.

Woodstock is pretty liberal and independent- and is trying to keep Starbucks and McDonalds out- so there can be a more independent business atmosphere- so the little town is more trendy- without chain stores or restaurants. It's a cute little town. They are doing alot to keep the community b and stable. Click here to see info about the Woodstock Uplift

It was first platted in 1889-so it is one of the older sections of Portland- and there are a lot of cool turn of the century homes that have been restored.
Woodstock neighborhood association

Here are the Local Schools

Lewis Elementary
Woodstock Elementary
Richmond Elementary
Creston Elementary
Franklin High School
Cleveland High School

Oregon School Report Card

Woodstock Community Center

Woodstock Park

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