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About Mt Tabor

Mt Tabor is a 600 foot butte in the middle of east Portland- it used to be an old volcano! In fact it is the only one of two extinct volcanos in the United States that is in the city limits of a major city! The other one is in Bend , Oregon . Mt Tabor is now a beautiful park with walking trails, picnic areas, and breathtaking viewpoints, sports areas and woods. The Mt Tabor and South Tabor neighborhoods are just to the west of this butte. Division, Stark and Burnside run right up to it, and Powell Blvd is to the south. Thornbird and some of the other roads that wind right up to it have some awesome huge homes- mansions even! The area is also full of bungalows, Craftsman, 50's ranch style and a lot of early 70's homes- in all price ranges and all kinds of shape.some fixers, some gorgeously restored. It's a stable family neighborhood- And just 15 minutes to downtown!


The boundaries are Burnside to the north, Division to the south, SE 76 th to the east and SE 49 th to the west. It borders on Montavilla to the NE, Center to the north, Richmond and Sunnyside to the west and South Tabor to the south. Powell is s striking dividing line in regards to cost. If you live north of Powell Blvd , your house is worth quite a bit more than the exact same house south of Powell.


Mt Tabor Park was originally full of fruit trees- a farm. In the early 1900's it was donated to the city to be used as a park. See more about the history

Mt. Tabor Architectural Heritage PDF

See what the park offers by going to Mt Tabor Park


You can go to Friends of Mt Tabor and learn more about what is going on here http://www.taborfriends.com/


Close up of the crater with the park in the middle! Terra Server Images

And geological information about the volcano Mount Tabor Cinder Cone, Portland, Oregon



To learn about the demographic data, crime stats-down to exactly what was done where(!), parks, schools, aerial photos, elevation and more, you can go to Portlandmaps.com and type in an address. It will bring up all kinds of information about the neighborhood.

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