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About Sunnyside and Hawthorne

Sunnyside is just north of Hawthorne from about SE 28 th to SE 50 th - where it runs into Mt Tabor. It's north border is SE Stark- where it runs into Laurelhurst, and it's south boundary is SE Hawthorne . It has two really cool, trendy, hip "sub-neighborhoods" in it- The Hawthorne District- which is the southern boundary of this neighborhood- and just 6 blocks north, there is SE Belmont . I've written a whole page about Hawthorne- you can click here to go to it and find all kinds of photos, links and maps. Belmont is a lot like Hawthorne- a little bit smaller- it's a historic street full of boutiques and ethnic restaurants, centered around the neon lights of the Avalon Theatre- where you can see a movie for just $1.25! Avalon-Theatre-Portland


Click here for the Belmont Business District to learn more about it belmontbusiness.org


Sunnyside was first created as a stop on the city's first streetcar line when East Portland was its own city separate city- in 1888.  It was the city's first suburban development and just a day trip away from downtown.  It started as a high end residential area way back in 1890 and then, as the houses got older, and people began moving out into the suburbs, it changed into more of a working class area. There are a lot of cool old homes here that date back into the early 1900's and even before! There are mostly Four Squares, Victorians, Craftsman, Old PDX and Bungalows- many with leaded glass windows, ornate woodwork and built-ins and a lot of character and charm. It has been a predominately rental area because it is right in the middle of Hawthorne and Belmont- but the houses are slowly being bought up and restored by people who want to live in them- so it is in somewhat of a transition.


There are no big fancy parks right in this neighborhood, but lots of really cool parks are close by- Laurelhurst park is just on the other side of Stark, and Mt Tabor is just past SE 60 th . So it isn't far to walk or bike to a park!

There is one park- Seawall Park-5 acres with basketball court - outdoor, disabled access play area, dog off-leash area, paths - paved, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, and softball field. Seawall Park


Sunnyside neighborhood page Sunnyside's neighborhoodlink.com link

You can find out all kinds of things if you go to Portlandmaps.com- they have detailed crime statistics, and all kinds of things


Schools Public Schools

Elementary School : Sunnyside and Glencoe | Middle School: Sellwood Middle School | High School : Cleveland HS .
School Report Cards   To view annual report cards for these schools visit Portland Report Cards .

Private Schools

Belmont Academy is a private, non-affiliated school offering preschool and elementary school education.

Click here for Sunnyside neighborhood map-interactive

Click here for interactive street map of this area

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