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About Richmond - Hawthorne

The Hawthorne District runs along Hawthorne- mostly south of it - from about 28 th to 44 th . It is not a designated neighborhood- but is one of the most popular areas of Portland . It is technically part of the Richmond neighborhood. The Hawthorne area is just packed with trendy shops, restaurants, cafes, book stores, art galleries, massage, tattoo, acupuncture and other alternative treatments and other cool things- some really unique and creative, others outlandish- It's a very alternative neighborhood- People respect each other for their individuality- and you can see it in the type of people that live and hang out here. It borders Ladds Addition on the west, Sunnyside on the north, the other part of Richmond on the south and Tabor to the east. There are a lot of houses with super character here- the old Craftsman style, the 4 Square, the Bungalow, the Old PDX- many with leaded glass, most with hardwood floors and the cool old molding. A lot of them have been made into duplexes, multiplexes- or some just rent out rooms! There is a Grand Central Bakery- which people flock to because of their home made bread and pasteries, soups and salads. I don't know if there are any technical boundaries- but this is where I would put them.

Lots of people here ride bikes, walk and take public transportation. There are some areas that I really love- they have a Powells Book store and a McMenamins' Bagdad Theatre Pub

I think an interesting quote that tells alot about the atmosphere and lifestyle of Hawthorne, is taken from travelportland.com " Hawthorne is "the bohemian." It reflects an urban niche where "alternative" is considered mainstream, and tie-dyes aren't a thing of the past. Here a hint of patchouli drifts from stores; a flower vendor brightens the sidewalk scenery; "art car" sightings are commonplace (cars decorated hood to trunk with treasures ranging from high-heeled shoes to bowling trophies); and the trendy set shop in hip used-clothing boutiques

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