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About Ladds Addition

Ladds Addition is a really cool little area just west of the Hawthorne District- bordered on the north by SE Hawthorne, the south, Division- the east is SE 20 th and the west is Se 12 th Ave. It has a main center circle planted with all kinds of bushes, flowers and other plants- the streets angle out from that circle to form a windmill kind of shape- Each arm has a smaller circle filled with rose bushes. Many of the streets are lined with big beautiful Elm trees- which adds to the beauty. The neighborhood is extremely expensive and high demand. There are some beautiful homes in there- everything is kept up nicely. There are also some really small homes that need lots of work- and are quite expensive! Most of the houses were built between 1905 and the 1920's.

The history is kind of interesting. It was owned by William Ladd- who had a 126 acre farm- which he divided up in 1891- and decided to make the layout unique. He had the central park area- which is the huge main circle, and then added the other diamond shaped rose garden circles. And planted Elm trees all along the streets! It was a good idea, because anyone who knows anything about Portland has heard of Ladds Addition! It is really in the Hosford-Abernathy neighborhood- but I decided it needed a place of it's own! And it's future looks bright. There are plans for a streetcar to come down along SE 12 th ave out to Milwaukie ! So that will tie it into the central city area a lot better!

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It is part of the historic walking tour and there are 177 historic designations in this 8 by 10 block area!

Ladds park

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