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About Hosford-Abernathy

Hosford Abernathy's boundaries are SE Hawthorne to the north, Powell to the south, the river to the west and SE 29th to the east. It borders on the Brooklyn and the Hawthorne District to the north, Buckman to the south, and Richmond to the east. As you go south and west, the neighborhood becomes more commercial and industrial- but as it goes north and east it is really hot! Ladds Addition is right in the middle of it- you can read more about this area below. You can go across the Ross Island or the Hawthorne Bridge to get into downtown- so it's really close and easy! There are also lots of shops and cafes along Division and also along Hawthorne as you go east; and a New Seasons on Division and 20th. And a People's Coop natural food market on SE 21 st .

Cool Links

Powell's Park

Hosford neighborhood group

Google map link to neighborhood

Schools: Elementary is Abernathy Elementary

Middle School is Hosford Middle School

High School is Cleveland High


Ladds Addition is a really cool little area just west of the Hawthorne District- bordered on the north by SE Hawthorne, the south, Division- the east is SE 20 th and the west is Se 12 th Ave. It has a main center circle planted with all kinds of bushes, flowers and other plants- the streets angle out from that circle to form a windmill kind of shape- Each arm has a smaller circle filled with rose bushes. Many of the streets are lined with big beautiful Elm trees- which adds to the beauty. The neighborhood is extremely expensive and high demand. There are some beautiful homes in there- everything is kept up nicely. There are also some really small homes that need lots of work- and are quite expensive! Most of the houses were built between 1905 and the 1920's.

The history is kind of interesting. It was owned by William Ladd- who had a 126 acre farm- which he divided up in 1891- and decided to make the layout unique. He had the central park area- which is the huge main circle, and then added the other diamond shaped rose garden circles. It was a good idea, because anyone who knows anything about Portland has heard of Ladds Addition! It is really in the Hosford-Abernathy neighborhood- but I decided it needed a place of it's own!

It is part of the historic walking tour and there are 177 historic designations in this 8 by 10 block area!

Ladds park

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