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About Brooklyn

The boundaries for Brooklyn are the Willamette river on the west, SE Powell Blvd on the north, Holgate and a little beyond on the south and SE 26 th on the east. The neighborhoods it is bordered by are the Willamette River , Hosford-Abernathy, Creston-Kenilworth, Reed and Sellwood-Moreland neighborhoods.

There are a lot of cool old homes in Brooklyn- but it has been divided and cut up by Powell Blvd, the Ross Island Bridge, McGloughlin Blvd and 17 and a lot of commercial and industrial down near the river. The houses are still cool, the neighborhood is getting fixed up- but it makes you wonder what happened- how did it get the way it is? So I decided to do some research on it, and found a very interesting history that sheds light on why the neighborhood looks the way it does.

The Clackamas Indian tribe lived here until 1851- when the first white trapper, named Tibbet, settled it, built a grist mill and built a home- naming it Brookland because of all the lakes, ponds and creeks on it. In 1868 he subdivided lots and allowed the railroad to come across it, which helped it to grow- and was settled by a lot of German Catholics- who built their homes and a big town square. The area thrived until 1920, when the city of Portland spread it's wings and built the Ross Island Bridge- which destroyed the town square-and filled in many of the lakes and rivers. Then, as they expanded further, they built McGloughlin Blvd -and the 17 th Ave overpass-the neighborhood was divided and completely cut off from the waterfront. It plunged into poverty- property prices dropped, and crime abounded. It wasn't until the late 1970' s and 1980's that the neighborhood began it's ascent back up to where it originally had started- a beautiful neighborhood. Today it is aga in one of the more desirable of the SE neighborhoods- and the East Esplanade and plans for the betterment of the east waterfront area will help it continue to improve.

Here are some awesome future plans for the neighborhood- taken from it's neighborhood site

The newly built Eastbank Esplanade and the OMSI-to-Springwater extension allows the Brooklyn Neighborhood to embrace the Willamette river front once again. In addition, the riverside trail will link the Brooklyn neighborhood to the entire 40 Mile Loop trail system. The neighborhood board has been working with city officials to design a more direct access to the Springwater Trail from Brooklyn .

Tri-Met is in the planning phases of The South Corridor transportation system. Current options being studied include building light-rail in the Brooklyn neighborhood adjacent to the existing railroad system. This project will hopefully re-work some of the existing traffic trouble spots and would help to better link the Brooklyn Neighborhood to downtown Portland , the inner Eastside area, and the communities of Sellwood , Oregon City, and Clackamas.

In 1999, The Ross Island Sand And Gravel Company announced a five year plan to cease operations on Ross Island and return control of the land back to The City of Portland. Details are not clear, but it appears that the island will be undergoing habitat restoration efforts in hopes of establishing a wildlife sanctuary.

Here are some links to learn more about the neighborhood

Parks of Brooklyn


Brooklyn Park

Powell Park

Brooklyn School Park

Neighborhood Action Group- deals with crime and making the neighborhood better.

It is really close to Reed College- which is a Liberal Arts College on 100 acres of gorgeous grounds. Click here to learn more about it

Elementary school: Grout Elementary School
Middle school : Hosford Middle School
High school: Cleveland High School

Portland Public Schools

School Report Card

All kinds of information about crime, maps, etc Portlandmaps.com

Data on how hot the market is, how much houses are listed and selling for and other interesting facts

Here is Google areal map - click on map to go to the interactive map


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