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About South East Portland Neighborhoods
Portland is divided into north and south at Burnside- and east and west at the Willamette River. So SE Portland goes from the Willamette River east all the way to Gresham, and from Burnside it goes south all the way to Milwaukie. There are alot of diverse and unique neighborhoods within this subdivision of Portland- from quirky eclectic Hawthorne to gorgeous and stately Eastmoreland. Here is a guide to most of the SE neighborhoods of Portland. I've done a quick review of all the neighborhoods below- and have done an in-depth report of some of my favorites. Read through the neighborhoods below- click on the links to learn more- and start your introduction to SE Portland!

Brooklyn is located along the east side of the Willamette River, south of Powell, mostly north of Holgate and out to about SE 26th Ave. It is mostly residential, although there is some commercial and industrial in the blocks closest to the river. It is an older neighborhood- alot of the houses built in the early 1900's- Read more about Brooklyn and it's history. It's really interesting! Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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Creston goes from SE 26th out to Foster Rd, and it is between Powell and Holgate- so it isn't too far from Reed College- really close to downtown...just go across the Ross Island Bridge. It has alot of commercial and a little industrial close to the river- but it also has alot of cute little older homes in quiet neighborhoods. So it's a good place to live if you want to live close in to Portland and not be in any of the trendy neighborhoods.
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Eastmoreland is bounded on the west by the northern pacific RR tracks, on the north by Eastmoreland Country Club, on the south by Crystal Springs Blvd and on the east by SE 39 th . It is kind of set apart from the other neighborhoods- by the tracks, the country club and the trees and open space beyond Crystal Springs . It is a gorgeous area- probably the one of the prettiest neighborhoods of Portland . To learn more about Eastmoreland- see photos, maps, and cool links and learn about history-Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!
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This neighborhood is just south of Powell Blvd- which is highway 26- that goes all the way from the Oregon Coast to eastern Oregon- over the mountain pass! On the north side is South Tabor- on the south is Foster-Powell. The prices are alot lower here than just across Powell- so it is a good place to buy if you are looking for something close in and affordable. The neighborhood is on it's way up- right between Tabor and Eastmoreland- so it can only go one way....up!
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Hosford Abernathy's boundaries are SE Hawthorne to the north, Powell to the south, the river to the west and SE 29th to the east. It borders on the Brooklyn and the Hawthorne District to the north, Buckman to the south, and Richmond to the east. As you go south and west, the neighborhood becomes more commercial and industrial- but as it goes north and east it is really hot! Ladds Addition is right in the middle of it- you can read more about this area by Clicking here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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Ladds Addition is a really cool little area just west of the Hawthorne District- bordered on the north by SE Hawthorne, the south, Division- the east is SE 20 th and the west is Se 12 th Ave. It has a main center circle planted with all kinds of bushes, flowers and other plants- the streets angle out from that circle to form a windmill kind of shape- Each arm has a smaller circle filled with rose bushes. Many of the streets are lined with big beautiful Elm trees- which adds to the beauty. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!
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Lents has an awesome future! It's a great place to buy if you want to build equity. And that means it is coming back into its own- because back in the late 1800's when it was first established, it was established in 1892! Now it is in the middle of a 15 year Urban Renewal plan that will completely change its face- with no cost or low cost loans available for home improvements, starting businesses and more. And the Max is scheduled to come through Lents with 3 stops right in this neighborhood! Just take a look at what happened to N Portland, and you will see where I am coming from. Click here to learn more about Lents, find cool links to parks, schools, bike paths, urban renewal and more plus photos and maps. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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The Mount Scott-Arleta neighborhood is located in Southeast Portland. It's boundaries are SE 60th to SE 82nd and Foster to the north, with Woodstock to the south. It is bordered by the Woodstock, Creston-Kenilworth, Foster-Powell, Lents, and Brentwood-Darlington neighborhoods. It is within 10-15 minutes of downtown Portland- has some houses with views of the city- It isn't a hot area- but it's a solid good family neighborhood.

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Mt Tabor is a 600 foot butte in the middle of east Portland- it used to be an old volcano! In fact it is the only one of two extinct volcanos in the United States that is in the city limits of a major city! The other one is in Bend , Oregon . Mt Tabor is now a beautiful park with walking trails, picnic areas, and breathtaking viewpoints, sports areas and woods. The Mt Tabor and South Tabor neighborhoods are just to the west of this butte, Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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The Hawthorne District runs along Hawthorne- mostly south of it - from about 28 th to 44 th . It is not a designated neighborhood- but is one of the most popular areas of Portland . It is technically part of the Richmond neighborhood. The Hawthorne area is just packed with trendy shops, restaurants, cafes, book stores, art galleries, massage, tattoo, acupuncture and other alternative treatments and other cool things- some really unique and creative, others outlandish. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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Sellwood is the farthest south neighborhood on the east side. The Sellwood Bridge connects John's Landing to Sellwood, so it is easy to get into downtown SW Portland . The bridge is a really cool old concrete bridge- really narrow and picturesque- bike riders, joggers and walkers are always going across it. Starting under the bridge and going north is Oaks Bottom Wildlife Preserve- which is a long wide stretch of wetlands and beach that is teeming with wildlife. A trail goes along the river to Oaks Park- which has a carnival ride system, and an awesome roller rink-with wavy wood strips you can skate on. There is an off leash dog park too. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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South Tabor is just south and west of Mt Tabor- an extinct volcanoe that has turned into a huge wilderness park with awesome views! Its boundaries are SE 52nd to SE 82nd and Se Division to SE Powell Blvd. So it borders on Mt Tabor, Foster-Powell, and Lents. It is an area of bungalows and cottages, some 50's, 60's and 70's and newer homes. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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Sunnyside is just north of Hawthorne from about SE 28 th to SE 50 th - where it runs into Mt Tabor. It's north border is SE Stark- where it runs into Laurelhurst, and it's south boundary is SE Hawthorne . It has two really cool, trendy, hip "sub-neighborhoods" in it- The Hawthorne District- which is the southern boundary of this neighborhood- and just 6 blocks north, there is SE Belmont . I've written a whole page about Hawthorne- you can Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!
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Westmoreland runs right into Sellwood- and it's sister city is Eastmoreland- which is across the RailRoad precipice- take the Bybee Bridge to get across. This area has a really cute downtown area with lots of trendy shops and cafes and restaurants- plus some antique shops. There are alot of historical homes- alot of homes with character and charm. It's close to the river- right on the Willamette- and close to downtown. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!
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Woodstock is east of Westmoreland- on the other side of SE 39 th . It is has cute little town center with cafes, shops and eateries. It's official boundaries are SE39 th to the west, SE 60 th to the east (although I would say it should only go to about SE 52nd- it changes drastically around that area),SE Holgate to the north and SE Claybourne and SE Henry to the South- with a long narrow section extending all the way to Johnson Creek. It is right above Reed College www.reed.edu.com area. Click here to see cool maps, links & photos!

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