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About University Park

The borders of University Park are St Johns (the railroad tracks) to the West, Lombard to the North, Chautauqua, to the East, and the Willamette River to the South. It borders the neighborhoods of St John's to the northwest, Cathedral Park to the west, Overlook to the east and Portsmouth to the north.

University Park is a great neighborhood if you want something affordable and you like the old Victorian and Colonial Portland homes. It is about 12-15 blocks from the downtown area of St Johns . You are pretty close to the St. John's Bridge- which is a cool short cut that goes from North Portland to downtown NW Portland . The MAX is a little too far to walk, but you can connect to it with buses or ride your bike. There are sweeping views if you are on Willamette Blvd looking across the river of Forest Park and Downtown - you can see Mt Hood and all the Portland bridges silhouetted in the background. -You just have to look past the industrial Swan Island! Also, the campus of the University of Portland is really pretty. And everyone walks and rides their bikes all over the area!

University Park got its name because the neighborhood surrounds the University of Portland . The University of Portland (UP) is a small private Catholic university located in Portland , Oregon . It was founded in 1901, and has a student body of about 3,200 students. and is ranked 5th in the west for Universities-Master's by U.S. News and World Report . It is the only school in Oregon to offer a college of arts & sciences, a graduate school, and schools of business, education, engineering, and nursing.

Lombard used to be kind of a run down, crime filled road, but it is getting better all the time- and it should continue. There are a few nice places mixed in with fast food and convenient stores. The houses in the neighborhood are also mixed. There are a lot of students that rent houses close to the college. The streets are lined with trees and alot of the houses have so much of potential. Many of the houses have already been fixed up. The areas close to the river, University and Overlook have already gone up so much in value, and it seems to be spreading its way up and out. A lot of people say it is the next up and coming neighborhood. But unlike St Johns and Kenton, there it doesn't have a cute little downtown area.

You will see a mixture of Queen Anne, Victorian and Colonial styles of architecture. There are not really any apartments.

There are a couple nice parks.

Portsmouth Park has a playground, soccer field, and softball field.

Columbia Park is incredible! It is over 35 acres. Part of it is in University Park . It also goes across Lombard . It was patterned after a famous park in Berlin , Germany . It includes a baseball field, disabled access picnic area, disabled access restroom, paths - paved, picnic site - reservable, picnic tables, playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis court - outdoor, volleyball court, and wading pool or water play feature.

Portsmouth Community Garden

Neighborhood Statistics

University of Portland

University Neighborhood Association

University Park Schools

Astor School K-5

Portsmouth Middle School 6-8

Roosevelt High School 9-12

University of Portland

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