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About Kenton

The borders are Chautauqua Blvd and I-5, north to south between the Columbia River and Lombard. It's pretty far north, and wasn't a very good neighborhood before the Max came in. But since then, it has exploded. The little houses everywhere are getting fixed up, shops and cafes are coming it- and Kenton Park is coming back into it's own.

As you drive up Interstate and come towards Denver, Interstate crosses the Max Tracks at Columbia- this is Kenton! YOu can see all the new little shopping areas coming in-and the Max stop is right there! Keep going on Denver- make your first right and at the end of the street you will see Kenton Park. It's a big beautiful park lined with huge old growth trees- and it's a good place for walking on the trails, playing baseball, basketball or other sports, walking your dog, or just laying in the sun. There is a picnic area, soccor field and even a wading water feature for cooling off in the summer! There are lots of big old trees, and the little streets that run into it are lined with cute little historic bungalows- most of which are in the process of being fixed up! You can walk to the amazing Kenton park with huge old growth trees lining the streets.

This neighborhood is right in the middle of transformation! You can hear the hammers and saws all over in the summer as people take off an old roof, redo a porch, take off the yucky old vinyl or aluminum siding to expose the wood siding underneath! Most of these houses were built in the 1920' to 1940's, so there are alot of classic historic homes- many of them smaller than some of the other areas around Portland....but still with character and history> In fact, the history of Kenton is really interesting. click the link here to learn more - find cool maps, links and photos..

You see people everywhere fixing up the houses and yards . You really get the feeling that all the neighbors truly care about the growth and restoring of the neighborhood. Houses are still reasonable and retail rent is still inexpensive. Now is the time to invest! And the styles range from Craftsman style, bungalows, old Portland and cottages. It's a great place to find a little starter home that is still affordable, or a cute little fixer that will grow in value as you restore it!

Cool old historic photos of the Kenton area


Click Here for Interactive Maps

Click Here for Interactive Maps

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