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About Laurelhurst

Boundaries are NE-SE 33 rd to I 84 to NE 44 th to Stark and Laurelhurst borders these neighborhoods: Kerns, Hollywood , Grant Park, Sunnyside and Center. It actually straddles Burnside, so it is technically in both NE and SE.

One of the landmarks of Portland is the historic concrete arches that lead into Laurelhurst as you are heading north on SE 39th , and pass over Stark, you will suddenly enter through the historic arches into a beautiful neighborhood of tree-lined streets, gorgeous homes, winding streets and a huge beautiful park. This is Laurelhurst Park-bought by the city in 1911, it is made up of 26 acres of lawn, trees, trails etc, and has a 3 acre spring fed pond. There are miles of walking trails, tennis courts, horseshoes, wading pool, basketball, playground equipment and fields for sports.

Laurelhurst's layout is a little different than most of the NE neighborhoods. It's streets are curved - with lots of huge trees- adding alot of beauty to the neighborhood. The land was bought from Ladd around 1900 for $1,000,000! Laurelhurst is a bit larger than Ladd's and just feels like it's in a nicer part of Portland -surrounded by nice neighborhoods and parks- not set apart , as if in a separate world, like Ladd's Addition does. But like Ladd's, the area is considered one of Portland 's more exclusive areas, with some gorgeous, historic homes.

Laurelhurst is a real family neighborhood- with great schools and a close knit neighborhood feel. It even has a Kids Club- that helps parents find other families with children the same age so they can have play groups and other community activities. Here is the link for the Kids Club

There are lots of shops and cafes along Burnside- including a Wild Oats- which is an awesome natural foods store that makes sandwiches, salads, hot foods and super deserts and coffee! You can also buy fresh produce, groceries and meats and other healthy things. Click here for the link

Here are some more useful and interesting links to help you learn more about this neighborhood

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