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About Cully

Cully goes from NE 42 nd up past Columbia Blvd to 82 nd and south to Prescott- with a little part of it going down to Fremont . It borders these neighborhoods: Concordia, Sumner, Roseway, Rose City Park , and Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhoods and is on Pages 567 and 597 of the Thomas Guide.

This neighborhood is coming up- and is a little bit more affordable than some of the other neighborhoods. There are larger lots, cute little bungalos, a few cool Craftsman or English homes and a lot of ranches and 70's and 80's homes. The houses are slowly being fixed up- and becoming better and better! It's still close in and has good public transportation either down Lombard or down Cully, which angles to the SW and becomes Sandy . It only takes about 10 minutes to get into downtown. You can go right down Sandy Blvd or take Lombard or Killingsworth.

Cully is a culturally diverse neighborhood with a good mix of both commercial and residential areas. There is a good feeling of community and alot of people are involved in trying to make it a better place to live. They have been addressing the problems of crime, traffic control, and generally livability of the area. The Rigler Community Garden is a great success because the neighborhood worked together to get it going and keep it going.. The garden helps bring people together and becomes a good community gathering place,Both the kids and adults can garden together-while they are providing healthy natural organic food for the neighborhood- and teaching the young ones about growing and caring for a garden.

Cully is a little more affordable than some of the other inner city neighborhoods- and makes it possible for families to be able to buy a house in the city. There are small started homes on up to beautiful Craftsman homes- prices ranging-according to a search I did in 2007, from $170,000 for a small 2 bedroom, up to almost $500,000!

Neighborhood Association

Crime Statistics

They have started a community garden-park

District School map

Sacajawea Park

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