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About Concordia

Concordia has really come up these past few years. It has a lot of really cool old houses- English Tudors with leaded glass, inlaid hardwoods, arched fireplaces with built-ins- many of them have custom details you can't find in newer homes...plus big yards. There are also Bungalows, Old PDX, Craftsman and other interesting styles.

The boundaries are NE 22 nd to Lombard to NE 42 nd to NE Alberta to NE Prescott. It is bordered by the Alameda , Sabin, Vernon , Woodlawn, Sunderland , Cully and Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhoods. Page 567 of the Thomas Guide

If you have heard of Alberta Arts- a newer neighborhood not even on most maps- this area is included in Concordia. There are new restaurants, funky shops, art galleries and lots of historic homes- some already restored, others being restored and a lot still needing restoration! It is the Art Central of the NE area. It is about 20 blocks long- going from about 10th Ave to 32nd. On the last Thursday of every month there is a street fair that takes place in galleries and shops during the winter months, and outdoors during warmer weather, with tables set up by local artisans along the sidewalk

It's a neighborhood on the rise- you can tell that because New Seasons and Starbucks have come into the neighborhood. It's also close to the Old Kennedy School- which is a McMenamins hotel-restaurant that has been made out of the old Kennedy School- It's really fun place to go- with great food, movies, an outdoor patio with fireplace. Go to McMenamins website to find out more about it.

Here are some links that will show you more about Concordia:

Concordia University is right in the neighborhood

New Seasons Natural Food Grocery Store- has really good food- sandwiches, salads, stir fry, pastries - Plus all kinds of natural grocery items-fresh produce and health items.

Neighborhood Association Learn more about the neighborhood

Parks: Click on links below to find out about the parks in Concordia

Fernhill Park, Alberta Park,

Map of Neighborhood

Map of School District

Alberta Arts District has alot of links. Here are some of them:

Street Fair | Alberta Arts-what is it? | Art on Alberta | Funky Guide

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