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Learn About Portland Neighborhoods & Suburbs

To Learn About Portland Neighborhoods Click on Images Below...
West Portland Neighborhoods North Portland Neighborhoods East Portland Neighborhoods
West Portland Neighborhoods North Portland Neighborhoods East Portland Neighborhoods
To Learn About Portland Suburbs & Countryside Click on Images Below...
West Portland Countryside
West Portland Suburbs
West Portland Countryside West Portland Suburbs

Portland Metro Area Introduction and Index

The city of Portland has a lot of cool neighborhoods, each with it's own personality and flavor. The Willamette River divides east from west, and Burnside divides north from south on both sides of the river. Here is the official link to all the maps of the neighborhoods of Portland- Map of Neighborhoods.

Portland is a wonderful place to live! I've lived all over the United States , from New York to Chicago to Seattle- even Europe ! And Portland is my favorite! I'll share with you some of the reasons I love the Portland area

It's gorgeous! I used to visit Portland , going to Cannon Beach from Seattle- and going along Highway 26 through the farmland was the most beautiful scenery I had ever seen in all my travels! I always wanted to live here- and finally do! I have lived in the Portland area for since 1993. You are just an hour and a half from the breathtaking Oregon Coast- if you go up along 26 or hwy 30, it takes you north west to Cannon Beach, Seaside and Astoria- each one with it's own unique flavor and personality. If you go south along 99W, it takes you south west to Lincoln City , Newport , Pacific City and Sand Lakes- each of them as different from each other as they are from the northern towns. You can also take Highway 30 to the coast from Portland- and it goes along the Columbia River through the sleepy little towns of St Helens, Rainier and Warren ending up in Astoria and the huge bridge that goes over the Columbia River to Washington State .

If you go an hour east, you can be up in the mountains skiing or snow boarding on Mt Hood at 7000 feet, and if you take 26 a little bit farther, you will end up in the high desert and you can go on to Mt Bachelor and Sun River.

If you go along the Columbia River on I-84, through the spectacular Columbia River Gorge- past Multnomah Falls and the other 7 waterfalls- out to Hood River, a windsurfing capitol. Just a little farther on a flat highway, and you will be in the desert-at The Dalles- away from any clouds or rain that bother the western part of Oregon . I am writing an Oregon Guide with links and descriptions of some of my favorite places. Click here to go to it!

The city of Portland is awesome too. It is historic- I remember studying about it in the third grade..The Oregon Trail ! The Willamette Valley ! It is a beautiful city full of historic old houses with characters, and neighborhoods full of big trees. The city has had a rebirth over the last 5 years- all over the city you can hear hammers ringing out as the houses are restored and reborn! Little neighborhood cafes, whole food markets, and shops are popping up all over- people are out riding their bikes, walking and taking the Max, the streetcar and the buses. There are so many different neighborhoods with so many personalities. That is why I wrote my neighborhood guide, so you can read and search about the different neighborhoods and find the one that fits your personality, lifestyle and future goals. Cruise through the Neighborhood Guide. It's really detailed and full of maps,

There are 10 bridges that go across the river- Here they are in order from South to North:

The Sellwood Bridge connects Sellwood to John's Landing. Sellwood is an artsy area with a cool nature preserve called Oaks Bottom. John's Landing is the farthest north of the west city, and has Willamette Park- a huge park with boat launch, trail into the city, sports fields etc
The Ross Island Bridge is really Highway 26 that goes from the Oregon Coast up across Mt Hood. It's the best way to get from east to west. It u
sually runs pretty smoothly and quickly!
The Marquam Bridge is the Interstate 5 bridge- which goes across between Ross Island and Hawthorne, although you don't get on it either place!
The Hawthorne Bridge connects Front Street in SW Portland to the east side, taking you across to the Hawthorne Shopping District- which is full of cool old homes and trendy shops and restaurants,
The Morrison Bridge also goes from Front Street in downtown across and ends up running through the industrial area on the east side, then through Buckman and finally into the Sunnyside neighborhood- a really good residential area full of cool old homes.
The Burnside Bridge is next, connecting the Center of downtown- Chinatown area- at the dividing point of north and south--to the Lloyd Center area,
The Steel Bridge connects the Pearl District, NW downtown area to the Industrial area, Convention Center, Coliseum, Rose Garden area and the East Side Esplanade- which is a really cool floating walk-jog-bike trail that goes along the river. I've ridden on it, starting at Willamette Park -going through the city... right through the big fountain on Front Street- across the Steel Bridge, down the Floating Esplanade and back over the Hawthorne Bridge and back to John's Landing. It's an awesome ride!! The Max also goes across the Steele Bridge.
The Broadway Bridge connects Pearl District to E Broadway, which is s cool shopping District that borders Irvington.
The last bridge is the 405 Bridge which goes from Interstate 5 on the west side, through the west city and across the river- ending up on Fremont.
The St John's Bridge is the last bridge is quite a bit north- along highway 30 going towards Scappoose. It is a gorgeous historic bridge that has just finished extensive repairs- It links North Portland to the NW downtown area - just 10 minutes from downtown NW Portland.

Click on the areas below to see detailed information about the different Portland neighborhoods.

West Portland is divided into 2 main areas- split by West Burnside- The NW section includes the Alphabet District and the Pearl District- plus cool neighborhoods that go up the hill along Forest Park. SW Portland has a lot of 1920's on up to brand new- many of the older ones are on big lots.

East Portland is everything on the east side of the Willamette River and includes all the east city neighborhoods- like Irvington, Alameda, Sunnyside, Sellwood, Overlook, Piedmont etc-It is divided into 3 sections. The North section is everything west of Williams- and it mostly entails the peninsula that goes west from I-5 out into the river. East Burnside divides Northeast from Southeast.

The East Suburbs include all the main east neighborhoods like Milwaukie, Oregon City, Canby, Clackamas, Mollalla, Molino etc

The West Suburbs include Tigard, Beaverton, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tualatin, Hillsboro- etc.

There is also a section on the west outlying countryside- out towards McMinneville, Vernonia, Lafayette, Scapposse and other little towns between Portland and the coast. You can either click on the houses below to get to the area you want, or click on the links in the address bar above.

West Portland Neighborhoods West Portland Neighborhoods West Portland includes the whole downtown area, the Pearl District, the Alphabet District, most of the tall buildings you see in the skyline photos, and Forest Park. It rises quickly from the river up into Forest Park, the West Hills and the SW Hills. As you get up out of the downtown, the streets wind and climb. There are lots of trees- it's beautiful. It's hard to really walk anyplace- the public transportation isn't that good- it's more like the suburbs. But still part of the city- and close in. You can take back roads into the city- which stay a lot clearer than the freeways at rush hour-but you usually have to drive where you want to go.... unless you live in close-in NW Portland- near the Alphabet District or Goose Hollow.
West Portland Neighborhoods

East Portland Neighborhoods East Portland Neighborhoods The East side of Portland is the older part of the city- with lots of awesome old homes that are full of character. Close into the city there are lots of huge beautiful styles- for example: the Craftsman, Four Square, English Tudor and Old PDX; sprinkled with cute little bungalows, cape cods, ranches as you get farther out. Many of the older homes are full of beautiful craftsmanship- Moldings, Built-ins, Leaded glass, gorgeous hardwoods, cool windows etc! Many of the neighborhoods are built around little shopping areas with restaurants, cafes etc. The streets are straight-in a grid- with a lot of old trees. There is a lot of community feel in many of the neighborhoods. You can walk or ride your bike to go shopping and easily take public transportation.
East Portland Neighborhoods

West Portland SuburbsWest Portland Suburbs Directly west of Portland you will find Beaverton- a thriving city in itself. It stretches from Portland to Hillsboro- with the Max line running right through it. To the SW is Tigard- stretched out along Barber Blvd-which becomes 99W- it has the Fanno Creek Trail, Cook Park, the new trendy Bridgeport Mall and will soon have the newest Max line... which will connect Wilsonville-Tualatin-Tigard and Beaverton...set to open in 2009. Lake Oswego borders Tigard to the south- and is the most expensive area in Portland Metro-built around the lake it is named after. West Linn borders Lake Oswego on the south and follows the Willamette River- with a small bridge that connects it to Oregon City. Wilsonville is south along Interstate 5- the last suburb before you go into the farmland of the Willamette Valley.
West Portland Suburbs

West Portland CountrysideWest Portland Countryside Yamhill County is listed as one of the 20 hottest neighborhoods to live in the Portland Metro area- according to the Portland Monthly. It is some of the most gorgeous farmland you have ever seen- rolling patchwork hills going on and on- between Portland and the Ocean. It is less than an hour commute to the city- and once the bypass that will go around Newberg and Dundee is done, the commute will be cut in half! The land has already been purchased, and the work will begin soon! And once it gets finished, the demand and price of this area will go up up and up!!  Here is a description of some of the towns in Yamhill County. Just click on the photo of the area you want to learn more about.
West Portland Countryside

More about Portland that makes it special! News from the Oregonian

Portland is Number 4 in Best Places to have a baby!

Portland ranked number four as 'Best cities in America to have a baby' January 25 - If it takes a village to raise a child, what kind of place does it take to have a baby? When Fit Pregnancy set out to find the best cities in America to have a baby, they looked at everything from doctors and hospitals to doulas, midwives, breastfeeding success rates, birth and health risk, stroller-friendly trails and parks, affordability, and a whole lot more. Rankings were compiled for the 50 U.S. cities with the largest population. FP analyzed 47 weighted categories selected by a panel of experts from the Fit Pregnancy Advisory Board, using the most recent information available from government agencies, private foundations, professional associations and public databases

Oregon is Leader in Bio Fuel

Oregon takes a leadership role in renewable energy   January 25 - Oregon is poised to be a national leader in renewable energy and responder to climate change if the legislature acts on a series of bio fuel, tax credit and renewable energy proposals this session, program proponents said Wednesday. In addition to his five energy legislative proposals, Gov. Ted Kulongoski is backing a proposal that would force utilities to increase energy efficiency, increase their reliance on renewable energy and limit greenhouse gas emissions. He said he would work with other Western states to discuss a regional program called cap-and-trade

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