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Portland is a really big place...

spread out over 134 square miles, very diverse, with 95 official neighborhoods- each one a little different from the others. Not only that, there are so many suburbs, all within a half hour of Portland, some within 10-15 minutes! Each one of these suburbs offers it’s own personality, geography and lifestyle! So if you are relocating to Portland, it is really important to get to know the city a little bit before you decide where you want to live.

Some things to consider first:

The city of Portland is basically divided into 3 main areas, the flat side with squared blocks and straight streets, cool old historic homes, walkable and bike-able, lots of on the east side of the Willamette River. People who want to be able to walk everywhere, or have a close neighborhood feel or community, usually like this area best. This actually includes N Portland- which is on the east side of the Willamette, but curves around to the west with the river, before it dumps into the Columbia. Most of the houses on the east side have city size lots- 50x100. It is hard to find anything larger. If you do find it, it will probably be split into 2 lots for 2 houses. Portland is really into high density housing but protecting green spaces, parks and farmland. That is one of the things I love about it.

The West side of the river is the downtown area, and the rest of the west side rises up from the river onto steep hills that are covered with lush forest. The streets are winding and hilly, it is not easy to walk places, it feels more like a suburb...but isn’t- and it is gorgeous. There are all ages of homes up here, old Victorians perched on the cliffs above the city, Cool Old Craftsmans lining the streets just above the city... still walkable and as you go up, the houses mostly get newer- you go through the mid-century era, and then as you get to the top, there are more 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and even new. Some are perched on stilts, some have walls of windows looking out over the views, others are high above forests- the west hills of Portland are gorgeous! But expensive! AS you head up the hills away from the city...still only 5-7 minutes out of downtown- you will find some smaller houses- more affordable- but still well kept up with charm and character. Most houses on the west side have larger lots, so if you want a big garden, or space around you, this is the best area.

Then you have the suburbs- both west and east and south. I have written in great detail about all of them on my website under Portland Neighborhood Guide. There are also detailed write-ups about all the little neighborhoods in the city of Portland- with photos, descriptions helping you to understand the personality, lifestyle, topography, schools, with links to trails, parks, and anything else that makes that neighborhood unique! Click here to go to the full neighborhood guide.

I have written this relocation guide to add to my Huge Portland Neighborhood Guide, because Portland is expanding...OHSU is growing and hiring new employees, INTEL is growing and so is NIKE. So to help relocation to Intel, Nike and OHSU, I decided to dedicate a whole section of my neighborhood guide to relocating to these areas. Each campus is extremely unique and different in the type of area it is in- each offers it’s own special features. It is a good beginning to help you learn a little bit about the area, but then go on to the details in the Portland Neighborhood Guide. Everything in Portland is pretty close, even if it is 134 SQ miles, so if you work at NIKE you don’t have to live in Beaverton, If you work at INTEL, you don’t have to live in Hillsboro, and if you work at OHSU, you don’t have to live in the city on the west side!

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Image and Link to Portland Neighborhood Guide by Portland Creative 

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