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About Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park is right along the river-south of St John's- the St John's Bridge going right along the west edge of it. It runs along with river up to just above Willamette Blvd to the north, and Portland Ave to the east- so it is really oriented to the river- and some of the houses have good views! There are some cute little neighborhoods down here with sidewalks and big trees- all pretty much within walking distance to the little town of St John's. Some of the houses near the St John's bridge are in pretty bad shape and need to be torn down or completely redone! The other end of Cathedral Park isn't too far from the University of Portland and the Overlook area- there are students walking, biking and running along the Overlook area- very energizing!

Just to the east of Cathedral Park, as you go towards the end of the peninsula, you get to all the industrial- although if you follow Lombard, it becomes Rivergate Blvd, and runs right into the Smith and Bybee Lake Natural Wildlife areas! As you head south through the neighborhood, you go down towards the river- passing alot of new condos and townhouses that were built when the market was good- many with views of the river, Forest Park and the West HIlls. At the end you come to Cathedral Park, which is under the St John's Bridge and has river access.

When I first came to this area several years ago, I searched and searched for waterfront parks. The only one I could find is Cathedral Park- It has a Boat dock, dog off-leash area, paved paths, picnic tables and stage for summer concerts. This park is believed to be a Lewis and Clark expedition landing site. -the sad thing to me is that there really isn't any place where you can really get to the water. It's too bad! They could do alot more with the setting!

Here is a collage of some of the beauty of Cathedral Park- the views from some of the homes, the different aspects of the bridge, the park, and the downtown area!
Cathedral Park Collage image


Portland Public School District- This is what is listed for New Columbia, but you should check the address to make sure you have the right school for any house you are looking at...
(K-5): James John

High School:
Roosevelt – ACT High School (9-12)
Roosevelt – POWER High School (9-12)
Roosevelt – SEIS High School (9-12)

You can find out information on how good the schools are by going to the School Report Card website at www.ode.state.or.us

There are also some Alternative and Charter Schools

Open Meadow High School is an Alternative School right in this neighborhood- it has a pretty cool philosophy: We encourage students to explore the world, from arts and community to technology and the environment. On this journey, they discover the fire that propels them forward. Open Meadow is a private, non-profit, accredited, educational organization serving youth who have not fared well in the public schools. Many of our students dropped out of public school. Many struggled with attendance, academic, or disciplinary issues. We believe that all of them deserve a quality education.

Trillium Charter School is a public school that nurtures each child's inherent curiosity, creativity and connection to community. We support diverse learning styles and use democratic processes to help students grow fully as human beings and contribute to and enhance the world.

The Portland Village School is a public charter K-8 school that opened in North Portland in September 2007. We adapt Waldorf educational methods to public education, grounded in the tradition of successful Waldorf-methods public schools in Oregon and around the US.

St John's map image
Here is the location of Cathedral Park.

Crime and more!

You can find all kinds of statistics about Crime- even exactly what happened where, if you go to Portland Maps! There are lots of other things you can learn there- like census information, maps, school info, parks, environmental issues, permits on houses, nuisance complaints, transportation and taxes.

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