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Full Service 1.5 percent listings

Here are 3 basic parts to our 1.5% Listing service in a nutshell.

  1. We list your house and do all the things below for just 1.5% total commission to us! We are Full Service Plus!
  2. If we bring the buyer or you find a buyer, we will represent both buyer and seller, full service, giving our whole heart and soul, for a total of 2% Commission! No other realtor offers this service!
  3. If another realtor brings the buyer, you pay us 1.5% and the other realtor 2.5% for a total of 4% commission! That is the lowest rate in town- yet we do 100% full service. You can find out what Full Service means by reading the bullets below.

Why do we do Discount Listings?

We are a local family company, 3 daughters, a mother and a son in law! Dad is our webmaster! We have been doing 1.5% listings since 2005. And now we are actually doing the same Full Service Listing for just 1.5%! We do quite a bit more than most of the 6% Realtors, and always have. Because we are a local family company, we don't have all the overhead or franchise fees that the big companies have, so we can put more of our money back into the business, advertising etc... and charge you less too! It is definitely a Win-Win for all of us! I started doing full service 1.5% Listings back in 2005- because I thought it was the right thing to do! In 1976 we were paying 6% to realtors when I bought my house for $28,000 up near Seattle! Houses are selling for 10 times as much now... but the commission is still the same! I just didn't think that was fair to sellers. So we started the 1.5% listing program, and have been very successful- in fact putting us in the Platinum Diamond sales level year after year! And over the years, we have averaged selling about 25% of our listings ourselves...for just 1.5% Total! Here is how our program works: We do all the normal things other realtors do: Put up a professional sign, do color flyers and keep box loaded, put on an rmls lockbox and enter it into rmls, do a Brokers Open and open houses if you want them, take all the photos, write and post ads etc. We also show your home, negotiate all offers, qualify buyers, handle the inspection, help you with repair negotiations, escrow, the appraisal, and all the other paperwork and problems that might come up! As you read more about what we do, you will understand why I say we give absolute full service, even above full service compared to many realtors out there today! Here are some details on what we do that goes above and beyond a normal listing:
  • Extensive Advertising Done - Why our advertising is so much more comprehensive than other realtors: We pay to have all my listings featured on zillow, trulia, and, which are the top sites that people look at to find houses for sale here in Portland. Here is what it gives us: Zillow: my listings are featured, We can do 2500 word writeups of house, neighborhood etc, we can put as many photos as we want to, and we can put a special offer on 3 of our listings...which brings them to top of search! not only are our listings featured with up to 52 photos, neighborhood description etc, but we own 11 zipcodes in Portland. This allows us to have 22 spots at the top and bottom of all searches for houses in Portland, that cycle through with the other zip codes! Trulia:We also pay for our listings to be featured, getting extra writing space, extra photos, ability to add links etc This helps our listings get lots of exposure on the hottest spots in Portland! Other realtors rely on something called Listing Hub to put their listings on zillow, trulia and It only allows 16 photos, and listinghub actually automatically chooses 2 sentences from rmls to post on all these sites! We hand do all the ads... It takes alot of work to do it, and we have to deactivate Listing hub for those sites, but the results are worth it! We also hand do ads for craigslist ads twice a week, Portland Back Page, and many other online adsites. We allow Listing Hub to upload info to the 50 other sites that we don't hand write!
  • I take creative, intuitive, professional photos with a canon rebel 12 meg and edit the pictures meticulously using the latest Photo Shop- Photos are my specialty! I've been using 35 mm cameras since 1973-was so picky, I used the manual light meter, aperture, etc- I understand what it takes to do a professional photo, have been learning, practicing and perfecting my skill for years, and even sometimes retake photos that a seller may have had done by a professional. I take the time to get each photo right....I'm not concerned with how much time it takes! I feel that this is the most important thing you can do in order to get people to want to come see your house! So I take all the time that I need! This is probably one of my favorite things to do when listing a house!
  • I Am a professional writer -so I write descriptive, colorful, creative ads bringing out the best features of Your Home.
  • We do a Creative, unique Virtual Tour set to music, for each of our listings, that we can attach to rmls, and other sites! It helps us to get extra photos onto rmls, add more information about the listing, and draw people in so they want to see more!
  • We get feedback for you. We get a notice each time your house is shown, and at least twice a week we email the realtors that showed it to find out their thoughts! That helps us know about any problems or issues, and lets us know how others feel about the price etc...
  • If we think there could be a problem with the appraisal, we work hard to make sure we handle it before it becomes a problem, by giving the appraiser listings that back up our price, by making sure they understand the neighborhood and why your house might be worth more than one a few blocks away, by putting a clause in our acceptance that limits the Buyer Paid closing cost if the appraisal comes in low or at the sales price. If the appraisal comes in too low, we use the legal tools available to dispute it.
  • We are Neighborhood Specialists -Wrote the huge, free, online Portland Neighborhood Guide recommended by the Portland Welcoming Committee as the best Neighborhood Guide in Portland! It is on our website!
  • We give Free Portland Neighborhood Tours of all the Portland Neighborhoods and Suburbs, which brings us many buyers from out of state and out of country!
  • I have built and remodeled houses down to the studs for 20 years before becoming a realtor... and we actually did all the work ourselves... We didn't hire people! Our first house was a 1914 that needed absolutely everything redone! So I really understand how a house is put together, both old and new houses... the structure, electrical, plumbing etc of a house- I can give knowledgeable advice on repairs based on experience- and have a team of honest, fairly priced contractors that can help!
  • I taught all Home Improvement classes at the Tigard Home Depot from 1998-2003- even wrote and taught the 2 hour Home Depot University Electrical class! So not only do I have experience in building/remodeling, but I learned lots from the experts I worked with during that time!
  • We co-list our listings so you have our whole team working for you! We all try to be available to answer calls, texts, and emails. Because we are a close knit family, and we love each other, we really care about our business even more than most... it is our life... and we work together to make it the best it can be! We each can bring different aspects to the business... you can learn more about each of us on by clicking on our name or photo!
  • I have a lot of experience in helping sellers to stage their house with their own things, and also on what they can or should do to get their house ready for showing.
  • I've been a realtor since 1998, have been full time since 2005, have had my own business since 2006! I have sold houses at the multi-million dollar platinum/diamond level> now, year after year, for several years!
  • When taking a job evaluation test- to see where I excel, I consistently come up with highest skill levels: Teacher, Psychologist, School Principal, Social Worker! All these are skills needed by a top notch realtor! You have to understand people in order to be able to help them, and you have to be able to explain things in a way they understand! This also helps me in negotiating price, repair and anything else that comes up in a transaction... plus I really care about people! So I want to do the best job I can for them!
  • I am a go-getter, highly motivated, and because this is our family business, it is part of our life and we give it our best! So we work hard for our clients.

More Details for the curious!

How do we manage to sell so many of our listings ourselves?

When I first came up with this business plan in 2004, I wanted to make sure buyers contacted us if they wanted to see one of our listings, or had questions about it. Our goal was to give sellers what we promised... which was to sell their house for 1.5%. To do this, I made sure my photos were the best they could be, my descriptions made people want to go see the house, and I used all the internet sites available at the time to get my listings out there!

The 2nd most important thing was to make sure buyers contacted me to see my listings! I extensively researched the options available, and right from the beginning, advertised on craigslist,, trulia, zillow, Portland Back Page, Vflyer and more... even before most realtors knew they existed. And I continually have to research, update and change my advertising approach to keep up with all the new avenues available. To get people to come to me with questions, or to schedule a showing...thus helping me to fulfill my goal of trying to sell a listing for just 1.5%, I had to have my contact info on each ad, a link to my website, a link to my neighborhood guide so they could learn more about the area etc.

The 3rd thing was to have my website be somewhere that people wanted to come because it offered important useful information they couldn't get anywhere else... The Portland Neighborhood Guide was born! You can see it if you click on the link at the top of my website. You will be surprised at how much information is there! So once people go to my website, learn about us, our family company, our Neighborhood Guide, they are more apt to want us to show them our listings! This gives us more of a chance to sell the house for 1.5%.

Some people think there must be a catch... why would we want to sell a house for 1.5% when I could get more if I wanted to? The answer is, I feel like 1.5% is very fair! I am happy with that rate! And if I sell my listings for 1.5% I am fulfilling my stated goal, and my reputation will flourish! There is another aspect to this plan. If I show the house, and the buyer doesn't like it, many times they will want me to show them other houses too. So it is really a Win-Win for both myself and the seller! And because of that, we do our best to show our listings as much as we possibly can!